The G-20 summit

US Official: PM Narendra Modi Was “Instrumental In Forging Consensus” At G20 Meet, India’s Role In G20 Conference: India – US relations: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking sensational decisions to make India a compass for the countries of the world. Recently, the policies followed by the Indian government and the decisions taken are impressing the countries of the world. Even the big countries are acting thoughtfully with developments like Prime Minister Modi, like a world leader.. taking a step forward in key issues. In this process, the superpower America is also developing friendships with India in some other important aspects. There is no reason for this. Prime Minister Modi’s (PM Modi) mania is raging on the world stage. This is evidenced by the world leaders’ willingness to talk to Modi.. and the US is also interested in improving relations with India. The year 2022 is going to be a crucial year in the history of India-US relations. It is interesting that one of the top officials of the White House himself said that the next year 2023, diplomatic relations will be at the forefront. A key White House official clarified that the US government led by Joe Biden sees the relationship with India as one of the most important relations.

Principal Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer also lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for playing a key role in building consensus on the ‘Joint Statement’ released at the end of the recently concluded G-20 Summit in Indonesia’s Bali province. The talks between President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Modi are an example of this. “While United States President Biden.. is looking for partners around the world.. and looking for partners to help in times of need.. India has really helped advance the global agenda.. Prime Minister Modi is at the top of that list.” Said that. Finer specifically mentioned this at the Indian-American meeting on Sunday. Indo-Americans including key leaders of Indian origin participated in this meeting.

Jon Finer said… “We saw during the G-20 summit.. where we thought about the joint statement among the entire group of countries.. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments.. and his role in building consensus at work were critical.. to highlighting the growing risk of nuclear issues. The Government of India has worked hard,” he said. 2022 is very big in US-India relations. We hope that relations will get stronger in 2023. Finer stated in his speech that the Quad Summit is coming on the same agenda. Next year, we are looking forward to relations with India, which has taken the responsibility of hosting the G20.

Prime Minister Modi and President Biden have met about 15 times regarding US-India relations. The recently held G20 conference in Bali strengthened the relations between the two countries. The policy followed by Prime Minister Modi has made the superpower more impressive.


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