On Saturday, the criterion of fame, Comolica i.e. actress Urvashi Dholakia, shared a post and told that she has won the battle against Corona. Urvashi told how she was in the grip of corona virus for 25 days and is now cured. He described his experience as a roller coaster ride. Now in his latest interview, he has talked about his treatment and other things.

When Urvashi was asked why she did not say anything about being corona earlier, she said, ‘I am a private person, so I did not want to beat the impression that my test positive has come. But now that I am well, I am telling my well-wishers their condition and also answering their questions if they have been missing for so long.

Talking about the symptoms of her corona, Urvashi said that her blood pressure was going up and down. Apart from this, he had a problem of head cold. Apart from this, he had no symptoms, yet he had his test done. He told, “I rarely get out of my house and yet I had it.”

Urvashi Dholakia had these symptoms

He further said, ‘Corona virus is like a flu and it is good to get it tested in the beginning, otherwise the situation may worsen. I was suffering from cold for a few days. Everyone has different symptoms and most of them do not end soon. I was upset after my smell and the power of taste. And I could not even eat properly.

Urvashi Dholakia was in isolation at her home and was claiming the claim given by the doctor. Another worry for him was that his mother’s corona test also came positive. This time he said, ‘It was very scary for me. Because he had flu and was also in body pain. She is 84 years old, it was a difficult thing but I am happy that she has recovered.

Urvashi Dholakia also told that the concern about his mother had affected his health as well. He said, ‘When everyone is new in the early days and you get sick, then you wonder how some people get well soon and some late. We have heard many such cases in which everything was fine at first and then things got very bad. I would say that you stay positive, take your medicine and relax completely. Everything will be all right.’



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