Vishal Saraswat of Mathura has illuminated the name of the district topping Uttar Pradesh in the final result of Uttar Pradesh Civil Services PCS-2019. He is from a very simple family. Her father is a priest and performs erudition deeds. Giving credit to his entire family including his grandmother, Vishal says that education and health will always be his priority.

Vishal Saraswat, a resident of Prakash Nagar, located in Kankali temple in Mathura, passed the high school examination in 2011 by staying near his aunt in Maharashtra. He then passed the intermediate examination from St.Paul’s School in Etah. After this Vishal Mathura came to his parents. Here he earned a bachelor’s degree from BSA College and an MA in Economics from KR Degree College. Vishal wanted to go into administrative services from the beginning. The supreme administrative service of the state always influenced him. Due to this, he started preparing for the civil examination.

Vishal used to study day and night while staying at home. He achieved this success in the second attempt. First gave the PCS exam in 2018, but could reach the interview. Vishal continued to pursue diligently. In 2019, the PCS Main exam was given. In December, the result was an unprecedented success. Vishal’s enthusiasm grew from here. After this, Vishal has now got success in the interview. When the result was declared on Wednesday, he was at his elder sister’s house in Lucknow. He could not believe that he had attained the highest position in the state. Vishal’s elder brother ISRO is working in Bengaluru. Vishal’s father, Shiva Prakash Saraswat, lives in Prakash Nagar. Mother’s name is Rajeshwari Saraswat. Vishal said that Atul Saraswat, president of Teachers Association, has a big contribution in his success. There was an influx of those wishing him.

vishal mother father
Panditya Karma Father
Vishal Saraswat belongs to a very middle family. Shivprakash Saraswat, father of Vishal, originally a resident of Hathras, works as a scholar. Along with performing marriages and weddings, performing Havan-Pujan in auspicious functions is his main occupation. Vishal says that the family has the biggest role in leading them to this point. The family never let him down. His favorite subject has been economics.

Vishal’s grandmother jumped happily and
her 90-year-old grandmother Kamala Devi appeared very happy with this success of Vishal. Vishal said that he loves his grandmother the most in the house. In the year 2018, when he could not succeed in PCS, it was Dadi who encouraged him the most. Today her morale is high because of her grandmother. Grandma says that if you work hard, you will definitely get success.

Vishal is now waiting for IAS,
Vishal Saraswat, who topped UP in PSS, is now waiting for the IAS Mains exam result. He was aspiring to become an IAS officer when he was in class VIII. Vishal is very happy with this success, but wants to contribute to the service of the country by becoming an IAS. Vishal, originally a resident of Nagla Keso, Hathras, was born here on 25 June 1995. When he was four years old, he took his aunt with him to Ahmednagar (Poona). Vishal’s childhood was spent with his aunt. He also received his early education from there. From childhood, when Vishal was eight years old, very straightforward and simple, he used to say that I have to become an IAS officer. His father Shiva Prakash told that he was shocked to hear his words that how Vishal has knowledge of IAS at such a young age? Vishal passed the high school from Ahmednagar itself.


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