The impact of changes in the pattern and syllabus of the Public Service Commission’s PCS examination has started to appear on its results as well. After the change, the PCS 2018 results announced last year had already indicated this, the result of 2019 also seems to confirm this. The result of PCS has also become similar to the Civil Services Examination ie IAS of the Union Public Service Commission.
The representation of traditional preparators is decreasing on the basis of optional subject in merit.

In merit, new age people are getting place, who have changed themselves according to the traditional pattern abandoning patterns and changes in the curriculum. If not sure, then check the merit list of 2018 and 2019. In this list, along with the traditional preparatory contestants of Purvanchal, the meritorious people of Western UP and other states are also making their place. In the last 13 results of PCS, the Commission declared merit list in the remaining 12 results except 2014.

In the eight results, the toppers were from the districts of Purvanchal. In the top-10 too, there was an excess of meritorious people of Purvanchal who crossed their new ones with the help of elective subjects. Civil service coach Naveen Pankaj says that after the change in pattern and syllabus, now the importance of optional subject has reduced. The PCS exam has also become more practical like IAS, so merit is now available in merit from the districts of western districts like Mathura, Kanshi Ram Nagar, as well as those from Haryana, Bihar and Delhi, which are available in the provincial administrative service as well as civil They are also preparing for the service examination ie IAS. The thinking behind the change in pattern and syllabus was also that the contestants did not have to prepare in two ways. To get success, the contestants have to change according to the change.

The Copies Be Separated Investigation
Competitive Student Conflict Committee Chairman Avnish Pandey agrees that PCS results have changed due to changes in pattern and curriculum. Another major reason for this is Avnish due to the change in the process of evaluation of copies despite changes in pattern and syllabus. Currently, copies of Hindi and English medium students are not being evaluated separately. Its direct loss is being done to students of Hindi medium. This is also a major reason for dissatisfaction with the result.

Year Topper Name District
2007 Pushpraj Singh Mirzapur
2008 Vaibhav Mishra Pratapgarh
2009 Rakesh Kumar Singh Gorakhpur
2010 Arvind Kumar Singh Ghaziabad
2011 Himanshu Kumar Gupta Pratapgarh
2012 Anubhav Ranjan Srivastav Azamgarh
2013 Pankaj Singh Mau
2014 Name was not announced
2015 Siddharth Yadav Jaunpur
2016 Jayjit Kaur Hora Kanpur
2017 Amit Shukla Pratapgarh
2018 Anuj Nehra Panipat (Haryana)
2019 Vishal Saraswat Mathura


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