The woman may be ranked third in the top-10 list of PCS 2019, but this time the success graph of daughters has increased compared to the previous five exams of PCS. The special thing is that this situation has happened when this time the total number of posts has been much less than the previous five recruitments. A total of 434 posts have been selected in PCS 2019, out of which 128 are daughters. It is clear that out of the total posts included in the recruitment, daughters have been selected on 29 percent posts. This time there are 13 daughters in the selected 46 deputy collectors.

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Another important fact is that out of the total 128 daughters selected, 112 are from UP while 16 are from other states including Delhi. Be it the Commission’s PCS J exam for judicial service or the state’s largest PCS exam for administrative service, daughters are constantly getting their talent ironed. In PCS 2018, out of 976 candidates selected, daughters were selected for more than a quarter of 258 posts. Of these, 234 were from UP. Although 26 per cent of the posts in this recruitment were received by daughters, the number of posts in 2018 was more than double as compared to 2019.

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PCS 2013 was selected for 654 posts. Of these 122, 19 percent were daughters. On the other hand, out of the total 579 officers selected in PCS 2014, 114 or 20 percent were daughters, while in PCS 2015, 530 officers selected had 100 or 19 percent daughters. In the PCS 2016 result, 22 per cent of the daughters scored, while 27 per cent of the posts in PCS 2017 recruitment came in the daughters’ share.

In the previous recruitment, the daughter had done
four daughters in the top-10 list of PCS 2019 announced by the Top Commission. Daughters are ranked third, fifth, eighth and tenth in merit. Talking about the previous 2018 exam, not only Anuj Nehra of Panipat city of Haryana was topped. Rather, only three daughters were in the top-three. Earlier in the 2016 recruitment of PCS, Kanpur’s daughter Jayjit Kaur became the tora topper after ten exams of PCS. In 2005, Jayjit topped PCS in 2005 followed by Indu Prabha Singh. Please tell that in the PCS J 2018 recruitment of the Commission to be selected for the posts of Civil Judge Junior Division, more than half of the posts were selected for daughters. Daughters were selected on 315 out of total 610 posts. PCS J 2018 topper was also the daughter. The top-10 selected included five daughters.

Exam Year Total Selection Selected Daughters

2013 654 122
2014 579 114
2015 530 100
2016 630 138
2017 676 181
2018 976 258
2019 434 128


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