The image of the UP board, once maligned for copying, is now slowly changing. Till four years ago, thousands of students from Goa, Jammu and Assam used to come to UP to pass the high school examination, but now the situation has changed and students from other states do not come here. Due to strictness in registration of individual candidates, fraud has been banned.

A total of 1,73,398 private students were registered for the 2017 high school examination. Of these, 1,19,123 private students belonged to other boards or states. Earlier, individual candidates were also registered by government and non-government aided schools. In collusion with the principals of duplicate mafia-aided schools, failures of other state or board were registered and guaranteed huge amount of pass-through to fake students. But from 2019 the UP Board has taken away the registration or forwarding of private students from aided colleges and gave them completely to the principals of state schools. As a result, the number of high school private students in 2017 was 1,73,398, which has come down to just 19825 this year. All the UP board students are also in this. The number of other boards or states is negligible.

Cameras and voice recorders also showed
a major reason for the decrease in the number of private students, due to the examination of CCTV cameras and voice recorders. The board put so much strictness on copycatists that no outside student wants to come in fear of being caught. CCTV cameras from 2018 and board exams from 2019 are being conducted under CCTV surveillance as well as voice recorders. Web costing of examination centers has also been started from last year.

Where did students come to take the exam?
Before 2019, there was hardly any state in the country where students did not come to take the high school examination from the UP board. Taking the example of 2017, the maximum number of students in that year was 42327 from CBSE while 1427 were from CISCE. 20343 of Bihar Board, 4829 of Uttarakhand, 8506 of Rajasthan, 3551 of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra 1988, 63 of Goa, 876 of Kerala 107, 107 of Andhra Pradesh, 106 of Jammu and Kashmir, 38 candidates from Karnataka including Jharkhand, Haryana, West Bengal, Children from states like Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Punjab and Delhi were registered. There were also 30 students from Assam 868, Manipur 882, Tripura.

What year how many private students
2021 19825
2020 20647
2019 23004
2018 63100
2017 17398
2016 102952
2015 117729
2014 156038
2013 167627

They say that
ever since the board exams are being conducted under the supervision of CCTV and voice recorders in 2019, there has been a decrease in the number of students coming to pass by copying from outside states or boards.
RN Vishwakarma, District School Inspector


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