The Supreme Court said on Monday that “education should be left to academics.” Simultaneously, the Court quashed a 2018 judgment of the Allahabad High Court which provided that a person with an M.Ed degree cannot be appointed as an assistant professor of education.

The controversy centered on whether an M.Ed-degree person could be considered equivalent to an MA (education) for appointment to the post of Assistant Professor. The advertisement for the post was published by the Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Services Selection Commission (UPHESSC) in March 2014.

The UPHESSC enlisted the help of an expert committee of four academics who opined that the degree of M.Ed for Assistant Professor (Education), Faculty of Arts should be accepted as well as MA (Education) qualification. Based on this opinion, the employment authority UPHESAC issued the amendment on 11 July 2016 and allowed candidates with these two titles to compete.

But on May 14, 2018, a bench of Allahabad High Court stated that MA (Education) is a master’s degree in a related subject whereas M.Ed is not so and it is only a training qualification.

The bench said in its judgment that it was concluded that a person with M.Ed degree cannot be appointed to the post of Assistant Professor in Education. With this, the Bench repealed the July 11, 2016 amendment.

A bench of Supreme Court Justice SK Kaul, Justice Anirudh Bose and Justice Krishna Murari dismissed the High Court verdict as erroneous. With this, the bench approved the appeal of one candidate Anand Yadav.

The bench said, “We say this in view of the fact that matters related to education should be left to the academics, must be governed by the relevant laws and regulations … on the decision of the experts of an expert body Sitting in form is not the function of this court, especially when the experts are all eminent people who are clear with names…


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