The impact of the fight of the Dalit vote bank of UP is also visible in the Bihar assembly elections. This fight did not allow two newly formed coalitions in the state to unite. Due to the BSP’s veto, talks between RLSP chief Upendra Kushwaha and JAP president Pappu Yadav did not yield any result. Actually Upendra’s party alliance is BSP and Pappu Yadav’s Chandrashekhar Azad’s Azad Samaj Party. There is a figure of thirty-six in UP between these two parties. Now Chandrasekhar is eyeing the BSP’s vote bank in Bihar.

BSP supremo Mayawati has been attacking UP’s Dalit vote bank for more than two decades. Due to this, Mayawati has become Chief Minister several times with social engineering with other castes. Chandrashekhar Azad, who came into the discussion by creating Bhima Army, has presented a challenge to him in the past few times. Chandrasekhar is also known by the surname Ravana. Chandrashekhar, who entered politics after forming a political party almost a year ago, has also knocked in Bihar elections. For him, this election will prove to be a litmus test before the UP war of 2022.

The strong political rivalry of these two became a knot in the friendship between the RLSP and the Jap-led alliance. Several rounds of talks between the RLSP and the Jap leaders were inconclusive. The day Upendra Kushwaha announced a new alliance with the BSP, he had a long talk with Pappu Yadav in a closed room even before that. Actually the BSP is not ready to be part of any such alliance with which Chandrasekhar is associated. On the other hand, Chandrasekhar also does not allow any opportunity to surround BSP supremo Mayawati by hand.

If the population of Dalits in Bihar is more than 1.65 crores, consider the population of the
year 2011 as the base, then the number of Scheduled Caste voters in the state is more than one crore 65 lakhs. However, now this number has increased considerably. There are 23 scheduled castes in Bihar. Their population is about 16 percent. In the last two-three decades, the number of parties doing caste politics has also increased in Bihar. In the mathematics of win-loss, the role of these voters divided between Dalits and Mahadalits is very important.


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