City schools closed due to Corona infection are going to open for children from October 19. In the first phase, children from class 9 to 12 are being called. Preparations have been started for this. The exercise has started at the level from district school inspector to schools. 

The UP Unaided Schools Association has made it clear that the SOP on the instruction of the government will be followed from the time of admission of children to school. Chairman Anil Aggarwal said that like examination, the place of sitting of the child will now be determined. The name and roll number will be written on the desk. Further, no student will be given admission to the school premises without a consent letter from the parent. Anil Aggarwal said that the exercise has been started at the school level. Approximately, sanitization tunnels are being installed. 

Trouble in Aided Schools: Objections are being raised by Aided Schools. Aided school administrations say that budget is not available for other arrangements from sanitization. In such a situation it will be difficult to make adequate arrangements for children. 

Preparation to start such schools  

– Standard for school operation. The proposed school timetable in two shifts: 8 to 11 am and 12 to 3 pm. 
– Minimum 2 gates will be opened in each school for admission of students. 
– Sanitization chamber should be permanently kept near the washroom with entry and exit doors. 
– If students come with Dina mask and sanitizer, then admission will be prohibited. 
– Up to 50 meters of shells will be made at all gates of the school. Children could follow social distance while coming from it.
– The record of all the students coming in both shifts will be prepared on the basis of class and section. 
– Students will see their temperature with the help of thermal scanner at the gate and their hands will be sanitized. 
– Students will go directly to their classes. 
– On each desk, the name of the student sitting on it will be written, so that there is no doubt in the class. 
 – All students should carry their own stationery and books. No borrowing will be allowed.

DIOS said, schools will have to give certificate

District School Inspector Dr. Mukesh Kumar Singh informed that a meeting will be held with all the government, aided and private school management / principals in the capital from Tuesday. Preparations will be reviewed. On 17 and 18 October, there will be an inquiry regarding the readiness of all schools. A certificate will be taken from the schools. In this, the school management will have to write in writing about cleaning, sanitization and setting up of Corona Help Desk under the SOV related to Kovid. He said that on October 19 and 20, a proper inspection of the schools will also be done.


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