In the event of death or disability of Home Guards volunteers and unpaid officials, their dependents will be admitted within a month. For this, the rules of recruitment have been changed.

Additional Chief Secretary Anil Kumar said that a government order has been issued regarding this important decision. He said that in the event of death or permanent disablement of Home Guards volunteers and unpaid officials, the recruitment process of their eligible dependents has been changed. Earlier, the same procedure and norms were adopted in the recruitment of deceased dependents, which are generally adopted for the recruitment of Home Guards volunteers and unpaid officials. In this, a selection committee has been set up for recruitment.

He said that it takes time to form a selection committee under the cognizance of the government, due to which it takes a lot of time to recruit the deceased dependent. In the event of death or permanent disability of a Home Guards volunteer, the appointment of his eligible dependents to the post of Home Guards at the earliest on the basis of compassion and merit is very important for their maintenance. In the recruitment of the deceased dependent, the selection is not done on the basis of vacancies from various participants on the basis of competition, but in the case of qualification of a particular candidate, there is compulsory selection. For this reason, it has been decided that the selection of the deceased dependent will now be taken as the appointing authority by the District Commandant of the district concerned in place of the selection committee. Along with this, they have to complete this recruitment process within 30 days of application.


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