Seven months have passed since the order, but so far only the certificates of 8333 Shiksha Mitras have been verified in the state, while 1.53 lakh Shikshamitras are deployed in government primary schools . If this speed remains, then the practice of catching fake teachers will die on the way. In July 2020, the state government arrested nine fake teachers at Kasturba Gandhi Residential School on the certificate of a single woman in nine places in the state. After this, orders were given to check the certificates of teachers, education friends and instructors all over the state.

Now Director General of Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan Vijay Kiran Anand has given instructions to complete the investigation by 28 February. After the order, so far only 53% of Shiksha Mitras have been Aadhaar verified and out of these 78136 verification of Shiksha Mitras was found to be correct. At the same time, only 55 percent of the instructors were Aadhaar verified and out of these, verification of 14665 is correct.

All educational certificates have to be sent to the concerned board and the university, but so far only 27 per cent of Shiksha Mitra’s certificates have been sent. Certificates of 31.17 per cent instructors have also been sent for verification and out of them, reports of verification of certificates of 1545 instructors have been issued.

Discrepancies in Aadhaar verification to certificates:

2375 Aadhaamitra’s Aadhaar verification was found to be flawed. OTP was used for Aadhaar verification. At the same time, there were 310 instructors, whose basis verification was found to be flawed. There were 246 teachers and 37 instructors whose certificates did not match. Now the committee will examine the basis and certificates of these instructors and education friends whether it is indeed a human mistake or was deliberately fraudulent.

More than 60 fake teachers were screwed: More than 60 such cases were reported when all the KGBVs were investigated immediately after the fake teacher was caught. The contract was terminated after an FIR against all.

However, the department keeps getting two-fours from such cases where officers and employees collude to collect money from fake teachers and keep the pace of investigation slow. The BSA steno in Siddharthnagar was caught by the STF in Gorakhpur taking 10 lakh rupees to save similar teachers. The slack in the verification work is expected to delay further deployments.


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