The idea of ​​auspicious and inauspicious results is also seen in the commencement of the UP board examination and declaring the results. The current and former officials of the board may not believe it, but the truth cannot be denied that the high school and intermediate board exams usually start on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Thursdays and the results are usually declared in these three days. Go.

Tuesday and Saturday is the day of Hanuman ji, the city god of Prayagraj, and Thursday is the day of Mother Goddess Saraswati and Guru, the founder of education. This year, 24 April, the day when the 10th-12th examinations start, is also falling on Saturday. Last year’s result was declared on Saturday 27 June 2020 and examinations started on Tuesday 18 February.

In 2019, the examination started on 7 February Thursday and the result came on 27 April Saturday. The exam started on 6 February Tuesday in 2018 and 16 March Thursday in 2017. In this way, it has happened only twice in the last five years, when the board has declared the result on other days except these three days. The board exam results were declared on 9 June 2017 on Friday and 29 April 2018 on Sunday. The examination started on Tuesday 18 February in 2016.

The tradition of sending question papers to the districts after the puja is
not seen till the board examination starts and the result is declared auspicious and inauspicious. Another unique tradition of the board is that 10th-12th question papers are sent to districts after worshiping Hanuman. Every year the secretaries worship in the secret room and are offered Prasad of laddus to Hanuman ji so that the examination can be completed and there is no paper leak or any other ominous incident.


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