Unstoppable 2: Youthful ‘Unstoppable-2’ Episode -2!: “Are the guests coming today very young sir…” When one of the ‘Aha’ members asked Balakrishna, he replied, “Yes, they are my age…” The start of Episode 2 of ‘Unstoppable’ season 2 made the crowd excited. Balayya said that seeing some boys reminds me of my boyhood and called Sidhu Jonnalagadda and Vishwak Sen as the ones who stole his heart. Balayya started the show with their ‘breakups’ first.

Answering Balakrishna’s question, Vishwak Sen said, “If no one gave a break, I had to give a break, sir…” It was impressive. Balayya’s fitting for Siddhu and Vishvak at the start of the show was also entertaining. “Sir… the show has just started. Just don’t sweat…” Vishwak pleaded. “We all work together in the tone that any task is ours,” Sidhu replied to a question. Balayya gave a direction chance to Vishvak Sen for Tamasha. To that Vishvak Sai said, directing Balayya himself, “Balayyagaru… do you like heroin? Do you like the fans?” asked. Balayya replied in his own style saying, “If you swallow it, you will be cursed… masala made…”. This dialogue is also said by Vishvak! After that Balayya gave Sidhu a chance to direct him in dance. For that, Sidhu took steps with the title song Ke Balayya from his ‘DJ Tillu’.

Balayya surprised both the guests with a setup game saying that the words and songs are over, and let’s start the game. ‘Baby, don’t do a film with him in life… who is the director you think?’ That was the first question that came to Vivvak. Vishwak could not give any answer to that. “Sir… if you get this question, what would you answer…” Balayya asked Vishvak. “When I come as a guest on your talk show, will you tell me the answer” was Balayya’s reply? “It doesn’t matter if there is no remuneration… but a romantic scene with this heroine is enough…” was Sidhu’s question. Not a romantic scene, but Sidhu says he has a crush on Kiara Advani. But it is noteworthy that in this show, Balakrishna misrepresents the features of his career! “I got Nandi Award for Samarasimha Reddy. Balayya said, “I got the award and got the money.” But, he won the Nandi Award for Best Actor for ‘Narasimhanaidu’. It is a fact that not for ‘Samarasimha Reddy’! And how did Balayya miss such a small thing?

Balayya called Sidhu’s girlfriend Radhika. Talking to her, “Mom…everyone keeps calling my name. But, no one is falling for me…” saying that brought a lot of laughter. For the Vizag fans, Balakrishna sang, “Flute… Purple before a deer- Not before a lion…” It was even more entertaining to ‘moonwalk’ like Michael Jackson. The answers given by Sidhu and Vishvak to the ‘big questions that appeared on the screen were very impressive. While the show was going on, producer Nagavanshin himself came there. “Who is your Bhimla Nayak’s first hero?” Balayya asked Nagavanshi. “It was you, sir… when I went around you, it was you, sir, who suggested ‘it would be better to sing Kalyan’,” he reminded. ‘Will Trivikram do foreign films?’ Nagavanshi replied to Anna Balayya’s question, “We don’t want him to go out, sir.” Balayya called Trivikram through Nagavanshi. Talking to him, “When are you going to the show, you know who to come with…” I was very impressed. In the end, three fans were selected and hit with a ‘hammer’ and made to look after their strength.

The second episode of ‘Unstoppable’ season 2 made a lot of noise. If you look at this show that lasted for more than an hour… in Balayya’s words ‘Dabidi Dibide!’


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