Unstoppable 2: Why Didn’t Balayya Talk To Sharva? Who Beat Adivi Sesh?: Unstoppable 2: Narasimha Nandamuri Balakrishna was given the name ‘Balakrishna’ by his younger brother, but as he gets older, he becomes more boyish. If you see Balayya making noise in ‘Unstoppable’ with people who are older than him, with his siblings, and with those who are much younger than him, it can’t help but feel real. The third episode of the ‘Yanbike Unstoppable-2’ season on ‘Aaha’ was released on Friday. Young protagonists Sharwanand and Adivi Seshu participated as guests. The two heroes were afraid to talk to Balayya, so they took turns saying “You go first” and “You go first”. Seeing that, Balakrishna said in his own way, “Hey.. come forward..” Sharwanand came first, followed by Seshu. When Seshu was going to pay his respects to Balayya, he added, “The elders should not give a stick to the younger ones.” “His name is Balakrishna.. Still ‘Bala'” sang Sharvanand Vanta. In this fun episode, many things were shared.

Balayya, who called Sharwanand to come to Agameghala to be an umpire in a cricket match, laughed when he recalled that Tira Sharwa did not speak. Also, the viewers were amused when Seshu remembered that when he was eight years old, his mother had put a plate on his scalp and the missing object was still there when he went home singing the song “Beedilu Tagandi Babulu” from ‘Top Hero’ starring Balakrishna. Balakrishna appreciated the choice of stories of those two heroes. Balayya said that movies like Sharwanand’s “Gagamam, Andaribandhuvayya” and Adivi Seshu’s “Ksanham, Major” moved his heart. Explaining the reason why he made the film ‘Major’, Seshu explained that he was a fan of ‘Sandeep Unnikrishnan’ who gave his life for the nation and that’s why he made the film. Sharwanand’s experiences with the movie ‘Oke Oke Keevan’ were also impressive. While discussing ‘one life’, there was a discussion about ‘time travel’. At that time Balakrishna remembered his ‘Aditya 369’. Balayya said that he has written the story of ‘Aditya Max 999’ as a sequel to that movie, and fans cannot fail to share their joy.

This time the task in the test given to those who came as guests were very strange. The name of the game was ‘Swap If It’s True. If any of the questions shown on the screen are true, the rule is that those who come have to give clothes. In this way, the two heroes gave the correct answers to the questions related to their careers and opened their coats. At times ‘out of tune tunes’ were heard. Balayya also dances with his coat off with both of them which is impressive. Sharwanand replied that the ‘big loss’ in his life was the death of his grandfather. That’s why Atreyagaru said, ‘All those who have passed away are manholes… some are the sweet marks of those who have passed away..” Balayya reminded. Sharwanand had to call Rana Daggubati as part of the game. On that occasion, Balayya said to Rana, ‘You are a talk show prince… I am a talk show king. Later Seshu had to call his mother. “Mom…don’t call me sir…I’m younger than your son…” Balayya’s joke entertained everyone.

When Seshu said that Sai Pallavi likes poetry, Balayya asked, ‘do you listen to Shayari? At that time, the two heroes said ‘Wahva..’ to the Shayari recited by Balayya. Balayya also entertained everyone by talking about the kiss with Meena during the shooting of ‘Bobbylisingham’. To the question ‘Who doesn’t like to be kissed’, Seshu replied, “Pooja Hegde”. It was impressive that ‘Don’t Waste Food Malleswara Rao’ came as a special guest in this show. He collects the leftover food from the hotels and serves food to hundreds of people every day. Both the heroes assured Malleswara Rao that he can knock on their door whenever he feels the need. If we watch the third episode of Yanbike Unstoppable Season 2, which is packed with such features, the entertainment will not be ours.


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