Uttarakhand government may decide to open schools from ninth to 12th. The proposal in this regard is being brought in the cabinet meeting of 14 October. In the past, UP approved the opening of classes from 9th to 12th level with some conditions. The decision of the UP government has also given a boost to the Uttarakhand government.

Education Minister Arvind Pandey said that the opinion of parents would be respected. Initiative will have to be done in one way or the other. However, the report of the Department of Administration and Education is being brought in the Cabinet of 14.

Sources have said that it will not be necessary for all the students to come to the school when it is opened. Students will be able to come to school only on the permission of parents. According to sources, the education minister is not in favor of schooling for long.

He says that students of secondary level classes can be followed by social distancing and other standards. On the other hand, in the survey being conducted across the state, parents are not in favor of starting basic and junior classes yet. 


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