UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutarais has appointed Usha Rao-Monari, a well-known Indian expert in the field of finance and investment, as the Under Secretary General and Associate Administrator of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). A UN spokesperson said in a statement issued on Wednesday that Rao-Monari, senior advisor at Blackstones Infrastructure Group, is a professional in the field of investment, especially with three decades of experience in the infrastructure sector.

Rai-Monari has previously served as chief executive officer of Global Water Development Partners, a company in the Blackstone portfolio, and has held several senior positions, including director of the Sustainable Business Advisory Group at International Finance Corporation, part of the World Bank Group.

Rao-Monari holds a master’s degree in international affairs and finance from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs / School of Business and a master’s degree in management studies from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management, Mumbai. He did his BA in Economics from Delhi University. Honors degree obtained.


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