Udaariyaan 2 August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts with jasmin saying don’t fear for gippy, he won’t be a bachelor for lengthy. Fateh says you are mad. She says sure, i m mad to your love. Tejo calls fateh. He answers. She asks wherein are you, i m looking forward to you for lunch. He says i m here handiest, i m coming. He is going. She calls sweety and asks her to do her paintings. Fateh involves the academy. Tejo asks did you spot the presentation, i had mailed you. She indicates it. Gippy is waiting for jasmin. She sees him and hides. Fateh and tejo are at the academy. Fateh likes the banner. Tejo says the teens follows you, like i m also your fan.

He looks at her. She smiles. Sweety greets gippy and goes to jasmin. Jasmin takes their p. C. Jasmin makes some plan. Simran says i checked approximately gippy, he’s without a doubt a great guy. Tejo says yes, we additionally met him, he is high-quality, you have to take care of jasmin whilst she comes there. Simran says ofcourse. Fateh goes to attend jasmin’s name. He asks her plan. She says you will realize it soon.

Tejo asks simran approximately her husband. Simran says he remains busy, our circle of relatives and his members of the family aren’t so suitable. Tejo asks how is that this daylight coming, its 11 pm there. Simran says its weird here, some light comes round 1am additionally, someone has come, i can speak later. Fateh and tejo come domestic. He thinks don’t know what’s jasmin going to do in her madness. Jasmin gets the juice glasses. Rupy says i assume our own family terms aren’t excellent. Satti says sure, gurpreet didn’t had goodies at the engagement day. Fateh says its not anything like that, don’t worry, you could come domestic, tejo has already won hearts.

Tejo says yes, i can just come. She goes to help jasmin in kitchen. Jasmin says i’m able to’t do something without your help. Tejo asks how can i assist you. Jasmin says i have to speak to gippy pressing, am i able to take him to the room. Tejo asks is the whole lot best. Jasmin says no, i m going to marry him, communicate to mum approximately this, mami will raise an objection. Tejo says don’t worry, i will speak to satti. Jasmin says gippy might have come to get my signs to make passport in tatkal. Gippy greets everybody. Abhiraj asks him to have pakodas, jasmin made it. Gippy says definitely, i m impressed. Tejo asks gippy and jasmin to go to their room and communicate. Gippy says i don’t mind.

He is going with jasmin. Mami thinks jasmin is going to do some thing once more. Gippy likes the room and says i m excited for the marriage, we are able to go paris and then switzerland. He eats the pakodis. She says i want to speak to you. Fateh gets jasmin’s message, send tejo to my room after 5mins. He thinks what’s taking place in her thoughts. Jasmin says i want to tell you few things. Gippy says you may do something you want, its your wish. She says no, there’s a few different count. All people discusses the wedding arrangements. Fateh asks tejo to head and get in touch with jasmin and gippy. He replies to jasmin that tejo is coming to her room. Jasmin says inform me the fact gippy.

She asks about his past relationships. He says its simply you and me, we’ve cleared the whole thing before. She begins shouting and says you’re dishonest me, its our marriage in a few days. She throws the fixtures. She asks why did you try this with me. She holds his hand and receives the sauce on her hand. She slaps herself and falls down. Tejo concerns listening to everything. She enters the room. Gippy gets shocked. Tejo holds jasmin and scolds gippy for slapping her. He says tejo ji, i didn’t slap her. Jasmin says you are mendacity. Tejo scolds gippy.

He says jasmin, inform her, i didn’t do some thing, move aside. He pushes tejo. Fateh comes and scolds gippy. He punches gippy. Every body comes and asks what took place. Fateh says gippy has pushed tejo. Tejo says he has slapped jasmin. Gippy says no, she is doing a drama,

try to apprehend. All of us gets taken aback. Jasmin asks how a good deal will you lie. Tejo says once i got here upstairs, jasmin changed into asking some thing to gippy, he slapped her, else… gippy asks why are you doing this, inform the truth jasmin. Jasmin cries and says you all want to realize the reality, i had long gone to meet gippy, i’ve seen him hugging sweety. Gippy asks who is sweety. Jasmin says you forgot sweety now, she is my friend. Mami says jasmin is fooling everyone, its her drama, i recognise gippy and his circle of relatives, he can’t do that. Jasmin says great, i m mendacity, see this %. She suggests the %. All and sundry sees gippy and sweety’s p. C.

Jasmin remembers clicking gippy and sweety’s p. C when sweety acts in front of him. Sweety hugs him and says sorry, there was something, a cockroach. She goes. Jasmin messages gippy that she will’t come to satisfy him. Gippy leaves. Facebook ends. Jasmin signs gippy.

tejo sees mami meeting gippy. She is going to listen them. Jasmin says you’re pronouncing as in case you didn’t understand some thing. Fateh shouts, i didn’t realize you’ll defame gippy’s individual and make him fall in every person’s sight. She says i suppose you don’t have the antique passion now, i m leaving.


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