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The episode begins with jasmin saying exceptional, name gippy and ask, it will damage my affect that my own family doesn’t agree with me. Bebe stops jasmin. Mami asks satti to control jasmin, else she will ruin the circle of relatives respect. Fateh asks tejo is your pal high-quality. She recalls jasmin. She says sure. He asks her to come and watch the fit. He is going. She says i had to misinform fateh due to jasmin, sorry fateh. Tejo thinks of jasmin. Fateh receives food for her. He says match goes on, we all watch it collectively, are you concerned in your pal. She asks are you able to forgive chameli. Fateh says you’re thinking about her, leave it, have meals, come. He says she isn’t in my life, i don’t reflect onconsideration on her, you furthermore mght overlook her. Tejo asks how shall i forget, she is my sister, mum and dad are in anxiety, how can i live regular. He says i m sorry, if i should forgive her, then i’m able to forgive her, i will assist my spouse. She says i fear for you. He says just be aware about her, i don’t want you to get cheated ever. He asks her to have food. She asks do human beings say the truth after you have drunk. He says yes, perhaps, recognition on meals, no longer drinks. He goes. She says jasmin changed into pronouncing the reality. Its morning, jasmin waits for tejo within the college.

She says i’m hoping tejo believes me. She stops tejo and offers the necklace. She acts to talk to gippy. Tejo gets fateh’s name. She says i m coming, see you. She is going. Jasmin says sure, plan a success. She stops tejo and says gippy had referred to as, don’t recognize what does he need, he’s saying he may have the relation with me if fateh and i communicate to him collectively, he has canada pr, i don’t need to lose this hazard, please convince fateh. Tejo says but gippy met fateh. Jasmin says but you had been additionally there, communicate to fateh as soon as, my life can be set. Tejo says he gained’t agree. Jasmin says now he listens to you, right, speak to him, i can go to canada forever. Tejo says first-class, i can attempt. She leaves. Jasmin says fateh simply loves me. Tejo comes to talk to fateh. He says sorry. She says i want to speak to you. He asks her to mention. Khushbeer asks him to come back. Fateh says dad has to talk approximately buyers. He is going out and talks to dada ji and khushbeer. Dada ji says tejo’s choice was proper about your job. Fateh hears tejo’s scream. He runs to the room. Tejo shouts for assist. He enters the rest room. He sees her in bathrobe. He says sorry and goes out. She says help me, i advised you to repair wiper right here, i fell down due to me, come and help me. He says sorry. She says i’ve pain in my returned, help me. He says don’t cry, take this ointment, apply it. She cries. He says wait. He says exceptional, give me your hand. He says allow me suppose what to do. He attempts to boost her. He says don’t worry, i m with you. She says this occurred because of you, my lower back broke.

He asks is it hurting lots. She says no, i used to be loving to scream and relax. He says sorry. He’s taking her to the mattress. She says i m excellent, wherein are you going once more. He receives a scissor. He says i will reduce the bathrobe and notice the damage. He applies the ice percent. He says get straight now, i must see if your waist is nice. She says i m fine, are you a medical doctor. He says i m a boxer, i’m able to see the harm and say how critical is it, i will want to take you to the health center if the harm is severe. She says no sanatorium. Jasmin is at the manner with gippy. She thinks of fateh. Gippy says it turned into so much a laugh. Fateh says thank god, your waist is great. He jokes. Tejo laughs. Gippy says keep some surprises to expose after marriage, we are able to make the families meet, we can get married. Jasmin thinks i want to fulfill fateh.

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