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The episode begins with the man asking fateh to work fast, learn to wash the utensils. Fateh recalls biji, khushbeer and gurpreet’s phrases. The person asks where did you go lost, paintings rapid. Fateh eliminates his jacket. The man says he appears from an awesome house, don’t understand what punishment he is bearing for the deeds. Fateh thinks i m bearing punishment of my own horrific deeds. Tejo asks riya to assist her. They make the scarecrow. Riya asks from wherein did you examine this.

Tejo recalls her early life with jasmin. They make the scarecrow. Rupy and satti smile. Tejo and jasmin hug. Facebook ends. Angad comes. Riya asks are you lacking your mumma. Tejo says riya, you don’t omit your mumma. Angad asks riya to head and feature meals. Riya says i m not hungry. He asks babli to feed riya. Riya says i don’t need to have food. He scolds her and asks her to go. Jasmin meets sweety. Sweety says you may’t get diagnosed. Jasmin says i will move in and discover where did angad take tejo. Sweety says neglect tejo now, awareness on your existence. Jasmin says all this stuff happened due to tejo, why shall i sit down quiet, i will spoil their lives.

Sweety says this is going on due to your moves, we can find every other manner to go to canada, i can help you. Jasmin says its my dream, but first i can take my revenge on them, i should find out wherein are fateh and tejo. She breaks the glass bottle. Her hand bleeds. Sweety asks what did you do. Jasmin says this wound will heal after my revenge is fulfilled. She asks where is angad. Rajat says he’s out of city. She asks with his fiancee tejo. He says i can’t solution you, sorry, give me your journeying card. She says i forgot. Her masks falls. She fast wears again.

He asks her name. She asks what will you do understanding my call, bye thank you. She leaves. Sweety says thank god, he didn’t apprehend you, he was in diwali birthday celebration additionally, is fateh with tejo and angad. Jasmin says i didn’t think about this, perhaps you’re right, it was their plan, did they run away, angad is a large businessman, where did he move, i should find out, what’s happening.

Rupy and khushbeer are at the gurudwara. Khushbeer says tejo have to have met me before leaving, why did she visit patiala. Rupy recollects tejo’s phrases. He says don’t fear, tejo is great, angad’s new challenge is starting there. Khushbeer says fateh left, at the least tejo should have been right here, i m more involved for tejo, don’t realize how she is. Rupy thinks i’m able to’t tell something to him.

Angad says sorry tejo ji, pay attention to me as soon as. He says she received’t live right here for a long term, she is complicated. She argues with him. He says i’m able to’t manage kids, easy. She recalls angad playing with children. She says i’ve seen you gambling with dilraj and candy, you bond with everyone, what approximately riya, she is your daughter, you should love her. He says you don’t recognize some thing, let it be.

He goes. She says what’s the problem, there’s some thing, angad isn’t such a guy. Gurpreet receives hurt. Mahi asks her no longer to wash the jug. Gurpreet asks will jasmin care for fateh there. Mahi says they’ll do the work collectively, they will be the usage of dishwashers, fateh could be washing the utensils for her. Fateh washes the utensils. The men ask him to work fast. Rupy comes home. He imagines tejo coming to him and caring for him. He smiles. She disappears. He cries. He asks tejo are you pleasant, you didn’t make any call.

Satti asks where did you go, what took place. Bebe asks is the entirety excellent. Jasmin comes to her hotel room. She receives irritated. She sees tejo and angad’s p. C. She recollects sweety’s phrases. She asks is angad making plans to unite tejo and angad. She says fateh and tejo cherished every different, angad has deliberate to unite them, tejo has principles, she gained’t do this, fateh gained’t inform her that he cheated her sister, those schemes are of angad, i need to discover in which are tejo and angad, is fateh with them. She sees the wound on her hand.

She makes the wound bleed. She says fateh has seen my love, now he’s going to see my hatred. The men ask fateh to come and feature beer. The man asks the alternative individual to make noodles. Fateh recalls tejo. Tejo gets a noodles percent and recollects fateh. She doesn’t make it and is going. Angad receives the noodles and asks wherein are you misplaced, i have visible jasmin’s submit, they reached canada, they appearance satisfied. She says they’re my past, out of sight, out of mind. Satti asks rupy are you missing tejo,

she will be able to get hiccups now in case you leave out her a lot. Tejo gets hiccups. Tejo says sorry, i m missing the own family. Bebe says i’m able to feed you by means of my fingers these days. Rupy cries and says you pray for tejo’s happiness. She says we also worry for her similarly. Angad cleans the meals particle from tejo’s face. She says angad ji, i’ve to inform something, i shouldn’t stay right here for a long time. He asks why. She says if humans see us collectively, , if a person stays collectively with out marriage, then people make news, i don’t want that. He says jasmin additionally stayed with fateh. She says they cherished every other and stayed with the family. He says exceptional, i understand, i have a solution, near your eyes. She closes her eyes. He says its a wonder. He makes her wear the hoop. She appears at him.

Episode ends.

jasmin is asked to make the price or leave the resort. Jasmin says fateh is chargeable for all this, i can now not leave him. The men beat up fateh. He runs someplace and falls down. He sees tejo..


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