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The episode starts with jasmin asking what are you saying, you’re satisfied on my destruction, i m your daughter. Rupy says that daughter who did the bidaai and left, see the rice remains fallen here, fateh did this to punish you, wander away, you don’t have any relation with this house and us. She cries. He says if you have some shame left, then don’t come returned in this pind. He shuts the door. She cries. She says where will i am going at the moment. He says cross everywhere, however don’t come here. He cries. She says fateh… and leaves. Rupy is going to check the door and stops. He recollects her phrases. He says no, i won’t forestall her, forgive me, i’m able to now not forgive jasmin, why did fateh do that, he used to like her. He receives chest ache. He says what does fateh want to do, its a large aspect, whom shall i tell this huge aspect, tejo, no, i can’t tell her, she started out a brand new life, i can inform this to khushbeer, what his son did, he could be happy, its my obligation to inform him. Khushbeer sees fateh’s % and cries.

He says you have ashamed me and hurt my heart, i used to be certain you will forestall tejo, but you broke my accept as true with, ruined my hopes, you didn’t do that right fateh. Rupy leaves at the scooty. He stops seeing fateh. Rupy asks did you return to make an apology, for what, for ruining tejo’s existence or jasmin’s, you have been mad for jasmin, you didn’t think about your circle of relatives, you ruined the whole thing, you left tejo for jasmin, you left jasmin also, why did you smash their lives, what do you need to do, why, why did you come back here, inform me.

Fateh says i came to repent for my sins, no longer make an apology, i did a sin, it can’t be forgiven, i didn’t come to prove myself proper and jasmin wrong, i married jasmin to make tejo move on, i might have now not forgiven myself, i desired to make jasmin and myself far from tejo’s existence. Rupy asks why did you faux the wedding. Fateh says i didn’t desire to marry her, i got to know her reality, i knew to which level she will fall. Jasmin involves virk residence. She cries. She says did fateh come here and tell them everything. Fateh says i recognize jasmin might have come right here and instructed you the whole lot, i request you not to inform this to tejo or anyone, don’t tell everyone that we didn’t get married.

Rupy asks won’t you cross home. Fateh says no, i simply want to repent for my sins, i can’t face my circle of relatives, its better that they think i went overseas, i received’t name them, don’t tell them, swear on tejo and me, please. Rupy asks how will i conceal everything, your repentance turns into a punishment for the own family. Fateh says no. Rupy says parents have a huge coronary heart, they will forgive you. Fateh says yes, on occasion children need punishment, i don’t want them to forgive me, i want to repent, its better that they cry as soon as than crying every day. Gurpreet sees fateh’s percent and cries. She talks to simran and mahi. Jasmin hides and looks on. Mahi says she took fateh faraway from us and ruined our residence. Jasmin runs away and cries. She recollects fateh’s phrases.

She says in the event that they analyze that fateh cheated me then they will rejoice fortuitously, no, i have no area right here. Fateh says please don’t tell everybody. Rupy asks in which will you move, what’s going to you do. Fateh says i will depart wherein no person reveals me, i will go faraway from tejo, i’m able to go earlier than tejo comes out and sees me. He leaves. Rupy says how shall i inform him that tejo isn’t in this residence and in angad’s existence, tejo and fateh don’t know approximately each other, how will i disguise all this from her, display me a few way. He prays. Jasmin runs on the road and cries. She recalls fateh’s words. Jasmin throws her bangles and says tejo you’re responsible for my life’s issues. Tejo sees fateh and circle of relatives’s percent. Fateh goes to buzo’s house and knocks the door. Buzo comes out.

Fateh takes him away. He hugs buzo. Buzo asks what are you doing here, where is jasmin, did you omit the flight, tell me. Fateh says forgive me, after i cheated tejo, you stood through her, you furthermore mght supported simran, i informed you bad matters and doubted you, i raised hand on you, i did an awful lot incorrect. Buzo asks what befell, where is jasmin. Jasmin comes somewhere. She thinks i can’t move, sweety’s mother and father will wake up, i will wait right here until the morning. She sits outdoor. Buzo says you have a strong coronary heart that you did this. Fateh says i did it late, i insulted each relation, tejo always supported me with none selfish reason, i m satisfied that she were given a person who values her, i have seen authentic love in angad’s love for her. Buzo says she simply loves you. Tejo lies to sleep.

She closes eyes and thinks of fateh’s phrases. She gets up. She says why am i seeing fateh’s face, its wrong, he is of a person else now, i should overlook him else i will in no way flow on. Fateh says i don’t deserve her love, i need her to hate me, swear on me, promise me you will by no means inform all of us about me, not even to simran. Buzo says a person will realize. Fateh says no, if i’m going again, then dad will want me to unite with tejo, i don’t need this, tejo can flow on in her life, it will likely be my repentance. Buzo asks him to forestall. Fateh says if tejo asks for me, then tell her that i m taking part in in canada with my wife. He leaves.

tejo argues with angad. Angad says its my problem. Jasmin thinks i turns into awful now and take revenge for my insult. Fateh and jasmin board a bus.


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