Udaariyaan 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Fateh says depart me, one min. Jasmin holds his collar and asks why did you do this. She scolds him. She says you broke my dream, why did do you this, inform me, you burnt my passport, why. The aircraft takes off. They see the aircraft flying off withinside the sky. He laughs. She sits crying. He says your Canada flight, gone. She receives up and asks what did you do, it changed into my dream, why, you had been going to meet it, you knew I m mad for Canada. He says that changed into my surprise, what passed off, didn’t you want it, are you shocked, I advised you already. She asks what comic story is this, I don’t like this. He says I don’t like your reasonably-priced and disgusting things. She asks what did I do which you did this. He says I actually have lower back you what you’ve got got given to others. She says inform me clearly. He says I were given blind on your love, I actually have harm the entirety, I left my own circle of relatives and the entirety, I broke my mum’s heart, made siblings cry and were given dad insulted, he had goals for me, I broke all goals for you, you simply think about yourself, now no longer them. She asks what passed off to you, inform me, who stuffed this poison on your mind, Tejo stated this, right. He shouts Jasmin, hold her farfar from this, she has not anything to do with this. Tejo is at the way. Jasmin asks why did you do this. He says you cheated the entirety, you lied. She says I didn’t cheat anyone, you aren’t a small kid, you probably did the entirety through your decision. He says I were given trapped withinside the internet of lies, lie doesn’t hide, it comes out, recall the Diwali birthday birthday celebration night, that fire, your genuine face got here in the front of me. He recollects Jass telling him approximately Jasmin. Jass says Jasmin got here to me, she advised me that she can be able to deliver me necklace, she desired to make Tejo away, pay attention to me. Fateh beats him. Jass says it changed into Jasmin’s plan. FB ends.

He asks her how can she smash Tejo’s existence. She says its a lie, how are you going to agree with Jass, he’s a large fraud. He says you also are fraud, how did Jass get Biji’s bangles and mum’s diamond set. He recollects Jass displaying him the necklace. He says I did this only for money. He says I might have now no longer believed him, I madly cherished you, after I went to the police station, I were given to realize that to procure him bailed, I needed to agree with him then, to procure him into Tejo’s existence, why did you placed Tejo’s existence in danger, you recall what he did in Dussehra fair, he may want to have killed Tejo, to procure him bailed and were given him again in Tejo’s existence, close up, many lives might have died that day due to your foolishness, you simply need your revenge, I usually supported you, I fought with my own circle of relatives for you, they widely wide-spread you for my sake, then your fact got here out, you don’t love anyone, you crossed all limits to make Tejo out of the house. She says no. He says this changed into occurring in the front of me, I concept its your kiddishness, it changed into my mistake, it changed into your cleverness. She says I didn’t do anything, I did this to get you. He says really, I changed into yours only, I desired to marry you, I cheated Tejo and left her, why did you do all this, sufficient, close up, don’t contact me, Tejo did loads for you, she helped us and united us, she married me while you left me for Canada goals, she knew perhaps I won’t love her, your love for me were given revived, you attempted to get me again, Tejo simply left the entirety in your sake, she broke all her relations, she did all this for you, sufficient now, she won’t deliver any sacrifice, she won’t tolerate any sorrow due to you and me, she can be able to live glad with Angad, it has her happiness. Tejo offers the hoop to Angad.

She thank you him. Jasmin says forestall taking her name, can’t you notice my sorrow, she doesn’t love you, does she realize that means of love, she simply acts, she can’t see us glad together, she does the entirety to grab you from me. Fateh says close up, don’t say a phrase towards her, I can’t provide an explanation for you more, suppose anything. She says you can’t move, you can’t stop the entirety, I were given married to you, you’re my husband, I m your wife. He says you observed I might marry you after understanding this, you aren’t dependable on your own circle of relatives, how might you recognize my love, Jasmin you’re a completely egocentric girl, you can’t love anyone, you’re nevertheless Ms. Jasmin Sandhu, now no longer Mrs. Fateh Singh Virk. She asks what are you saying, we were given married in the front of everyone. He asks which marriage, that six rounds marriage, rituals had been all wrong, mantras had been wrong, that pandit changed into an actor, I were given him from theatre. She receives shocked. He explains and says I didn’t observe sindoor, I simply did acting, you had been focussing on yourself, now no longer all this, I had opened the gathbandhan silently, our faux rounds passed off with out gathbandhan, no marriage passed off, I m now no longer your love, I changed into your adamancy to visit Canada, you by no means cherished Fateh, you didn’t time from loving yourself, sufficient now, you will be thinking, why I m telling this today, I may want to have advised this on marriage day, I didn’t want to smash Tejo and Angad’s engagement, she is ultimately glad with Angad, I will even live glad with this. He apologizes to the police. He says I were given loose today, you also are loose from now. She cries. He leaves. She runs after him. She says pay attention to me, please, I m sorry, I admit I did a mistake, don’t punish me, will you overlook it due to Tejo, her engagement changed into…. She thinks he’ll visit Tejo if I inform him the fact. She says Tejo has moved on, she were given engaged to Angad, why are you ruining her sacrifice, please I love you. He says I additionally cherished you, I had forgiven you before, I changed into wrong, your errors become your sins, there’s no forgiveness, simply punishment. She says I promise I will restoration the entirety. He says existence isn’t that leaves the body, oftentimes someone lives a dull existence whilst a person such as you cheats, this punishment isn’t sufficient. She says you ruined me. He says you ruined me, in which shall I move, I can’t move again to my own circle of relatives and Tejo, that is our punishment now. Jhuta nikla….plays… Angad sees Tejo.

Jasmin comes domestic and cries. Rupy appears at her. Fateh falls down. He sees Tejo..


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