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The Episode begins with Fateh and Tejo contending. Sub-controller Ballu and woman constable Vimla bring an alcoholic man and put him in the lockup. Vimla says you were saying you are a fighter, battle him now. Fateh and Tejo contend. He says its my slip-up, yet yours too. She says its all my slip-up, Jasmin left the mandap, family constrained for marriage, your heart broke, your untruth was gotten, your issue was captured, my marriage and my connection broke, its all my error. He says stop it, your misstep is that, you have torn the legal documents. She says you are liable for it, shut up.

He requests that she shut up. Jasmin says Inspector, you had locked my better half accidentally, Fateh Singh Virk. Ballu says he has two spouses, peculiar, Vimla ji, check if a third young lady is coming. She says he is a decent man, leave him, believe me. He says fine, I will see. He goes to Fateh and asks is this your better half. Fateh says yes. He asks all in all? Fateh says indeed, she is Tejo Fateh Singh Virk. Ballu says fine. He goes snickering. Jasmin looks on. Tejo checks out Fateh. Ballu asks where did the subsequent spouse go. Vimla says perhaps she went to get the third one. They snicker. Jasmin says I will call uncle ji, he will end the issue, no, he will put more charges on Fateh and get him imprisoned, he will free his exquisite bahu, how will I respond. The alcoholic man misleads rest. Fateh sees Tejo. He puts a scarf on the ground and signs Tejo to sit. He requests that she come.

The man sings Bohot pyaar… . Fateh says stop babble, I m currently irate. The man says come, vent your indignation by hitting the dance floor with me, you likewise come. Fateh says avoid her. Tejo says he isn’t in his detects. He asks so will I hit the dance floor with him. She says indeed, its better, your night will be spent. The man gets his arm and makes him dance. She giggles. The man says look she is getting cheerful seeing you dance,

she is a decent young lady, did you abscond with her. Fateh asks are you frantic. The man begins crying. He says my significant other had fled with another person, that is the reason I m savoring the distress. Tejo gives him water. The man sings once more. Fateh asks what befallen you. She asks would anyone be able to see that this man is in torment, such is the aggravation of cheat, I have seen a ton, I didn’t realize that I will get an encounter to go through the night in the prison with you, what else will you show. Fateh says sorry Tejo, I m defenseless to my heart. She asks where did this powerlessness go when you took me for the nightout. He reviews.

He says Tejo, Jasmin didn’t come in my life that time. She says however she was in your heart. He says I didn’t wish to hurt you. She says I m not feeling awful that you have harmed me, yet that you have utilized me, you played with my feelings, you killed our connection. She cries. She says in any case, this connection needed to bite the dust, relations dependent on lies doesn’t keep going long, in the event that you have concluded, who am I to stop you. He says then, at that point, don’t stop yourself, you used to request that I continue on, for what reason aren’t you continuing on, you think I feel cheerful seeing you in torment.

Amrik goes to the police headquarters. Jasmin expresses profound gratitude, I realized you will doubtlessly come. Amrik says I didn’t come for yourself and Fateh, however for Tejo. He welcomes Ballu. Ballu says you came back once more, did you get second spouse or second beau. Amrik says I came to meet Fateh and Amrik, I m Fateh’s more youthful sibling Amrik, they are honest. Ballu says get lost, reviewer isn’t here. Amrik figures where did Tejo stall out. Jasmin thinks he is likewise stressed for Tejo. Fateh requests that Tejo take rest, how long will she stand. She says that mum will likewise be standing and hanging tight for her child. Gurpreet cries and embraces Fateh’s pic. Fateh says its intense for me to live without mummy, yet I can’t meet her, I would prefer not to go there.

Jasmin says I m sorry, kindly pardon your companion. Amrik says I was off-base to respect you a companion. She says you are saying as though I made large guarantees. He says no, yet you had an unsanctioned romance with Fateh and swindled Tejo, I thought Tejo is off-base, I didn’t have a clue who is off-base really. He goes. Tejo says you would prefer not to return home, a young lady’s affection is greater than your folks’ adoration.

Fateh says I will go there with Jasmin, this will not occur until you are there. She says I m not there by my desire, but since of Khushbeer, he will not release me. He says father can stop you by directly until you are my significant other, on the off chance that you’re not my better half, he will not have a right. She takes a gander at him. She stays there. Its morning, Fateh is laying on her shoulder. She awakens and sees him. He awakens and sees her. He gets up and says I m sorry. She asks will you accomplish something, return home. He says I told you, I will not go until… She says relax, I will fix everything.

Amrik sees Jasmin dozing on the seat. Controller comes. Amrik says pay attention to me, I m saying reality, I swear, they are my sibling and Bhabhi, I have their marriage pics, see this marriage testament. Ballu inquires as to for what reason is this young lady saying that she is Fateh’s significant other. Amrik says she is Tejo’s sister, possibly she was strained. He requests that Jasmin go out and pause. Amrik says leave them please.

Examiner asks what were they doing at the hotel. Amrik says they battled with the family and went there, kindly leave them. Examiner says fine, let them free. Fateh and Tejo come out. Fateh expresses profound gratitude Amrik. Jasmin embraces Fateh. She says I was so stressed, I rested on the seat and afterward called Amrik. Sweety comes and embraces her. She gives the Chandigarh level keys. She says Fateh and you can remain there. Jasmin requests that Fateh come.

Fateh says no Jasmin, we can’t go there. Jasmin inquires as to why, did she let you know something, where will we go. Amrik says we will return home, mummy is unwell, Fateh get back home. She says no, Fateh will not go anyplace. Fateh says mummy is unwell. She says I got offended there. He says pay attention to me. She says fine, I m prepared, yet I have a condition, I need a right of your better half, until this lady is your significant other,

I will not come, I m going with Sweety. Fateh says she is giving me separate. FB shows Tejo saying you are correct, assuming I give you separate, Khushbeer will not have a right, I concluded, I will give you separation and tell Khushbeer that I need to continue on. FB closes. Jasmin takes a gander at him.

Precap: Both Tejo and Fateh sign the legal documents. Jasmin appears to be extremely glad while Fateh and Tejo appear to be dismal.


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