Udaariyaan 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Tejo deliberating Fateh. Jasmin says we can be going to Canada, we can have a brand new residence there. Aashiyana….plays….Fateh recollects Gurpreet and Khushbeer’s words. Tejo receives down the auto and cries. Fateh and Jasmin see the dhol band gambling on the airport. She sees her pals. She hugs Sweety. She dances with them. Fateh unloads the baggage from the auto. Rupy asks Tejo to cry if she wants. He says I recognize you had stopped yourself, lighten your heart. She says you’re absolutely nice, you apprehend my emotions well, I need to mention something, I don’t need to live right here, I need to move far, I actually have reminiscences with this pind, I sense suffocated right here. He asks why are you pronouncing so, you circulate on with Angad, you purchased engaged to him, begin a brand new lifestyles with him, I m certain that you may overlook the entirety. She says Angad usually supported me as a friend, he’s simply an awesome friend, not anything more. Jasmin thank you her pals for coming. She hugs them and says make passports ready, I will ship the tickets. Sweety says have a secure journey, don’t overlook us. Rupy says I recognize you don’t love Angad, however he loves you, I actually have visible it in his eyes, marry him on every occasion you need. Tejo says you aren’t understanding. She eliminates the engagement ring. She says our engagement became faux. He receives shocked. Jasmin sees Fateh and dances. Tejo tells the entirety to Rupy. Fateh asks Jasmin to come.

She says I advised you I need to stay for myself, I m seeking to stay for myself, I ought to cross. Rupy asks what do you mean. She says permit me cross, I m tired. He asks in which will you cross. She says I don’t recognize, I won’t do whatever that makes you ashamed. Angad comes. Jasmin and Fateh input the airport. Tejo says I will name you time to time. Rupy asks what is going to I inform the society. She asks him now no longer to consider people. He folds palms and says forgive me, I m chargeable for your state. She says you need to disguise this from absolutely each person, don’t inform all and sundry approximately my faux engagement, I will inform Khushbeer whilst the proper time comes, inform him that I went for a few imp work. She hugs him and cries.

Jasmin says wow, we are able to save right here as well. She kisses Fateh. He asks what are you doing. They cross ahead. Angad greets Rupy. Angad and Tejo depart withinside the car. Jhuta nikla ishq…plays… Jasmin receives candies through the girl. She says Fateh, you probably did this, thank you, I need a window seat. The girl says its booked for you. Jasmin says Fateh did this, he’s my husband, we’re newly wed, we’re going to Canada. The girl offers the boarding pass. Jasmin says be careful, its glass items, I were given it from home, I need to shout to absolutely each person that I m going to Canada. Rupy prays and says Jasmin has harm absolutely each person, in particular Tejo, she have to get punished. Jasmin sees the aircraft flying. She asks whilst can we sit. Fateh says declaration will happen, sit. They listen the declaration. They cross ahead. Jasmin says wow Fateh, that’s our flight. Jasmin runs to board the flight. Fateh holds her hand and forestalls her. Tere ishq mein….plays…

She asks what happened. He says supply me your passport and boarding pass, there are little formalities, simply 2 mins. She offers him. She says cross fast. He smiles and is going downstairs. He recollects Jasmin’s words. He throws the garlands and bag. He recollects Jasmin throwing the garlands on their marriage day. She seems at him. He receives a lighter from his shoe. He burns the passport and boarding pass. She shouts Fateh and runs downstairs. The hearthplace alarm is raised. The police rushes. She sees her passport burnt. She asks what did you do. She attempts to blow off the hearthplace. He smiles. She cries and receives angry. She shouts why did you burn my dream, inform me, you broke my dream whilst it became completing, why, solution me. The protection comes and forestalls Jasmin. Fateh is taken through the police. Jasmin is going after Fateh.

Jasmin says we were given married. Fateh says that marriage of six rounds, that pandit became an actor, you aren’t Mrs. Fateh Singh Virk. Jasmin receives shocked..


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