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The Episode begins with Simran saying Gurpreet will not get fine until Fateh returns. Buzo says let him stay there for two days, he will get his sense back. Tejo says I realize you are annoyed with him, its my solicitation, help me in discovering him, I guaranteed Gurpreet that I will bring Fateh home. Khushbeer says you sent Tejo to discover Fateh, you have no feelings, you didn’t figure what will Tejo go through, Fateh left her. Biji says Gurpreet is Fateh’s mum,

you control your annoyance. She requests that Gurpreet stay solid, all that will get fine. Satti says Rupy is the justification for this, how might Tejo stay there and see Fateh with Jasmin, their home is breaking, proceed to converse with Khushbeer. Mahi requests what’s the utilization from your political associations when you can’t discover your child. Khushbeer says he broke every one of the associations, nobody will come to discover him, I don’t need him. Nimmo says in the event that anything happens to him, you will be accused. Rupy says Tejo isn’t a child, she knows what’s appropriate for her, don’t stress for her, she is solid, her mental fortitude won’t ever break.

Tejo says I don’t figure they will go anyplace close by. Buzo says they would have gone to Chandigarh. Fateh considers Gurpreet. Jasmin requests that he come and have food. He says I m not feeling hungry. He figures mum would be eager. Gurpreet says I will not have food and water until Fateh returns home. Nimmo indignantly takes the food plate to Khushbeer. She says Gurpreet is additionally determined now, she will not have food and water. Biji says I will proceed to take care of her. Khushbeer says sit, let Gurpreet and Fateh get inflexible, they will get their faculties, I wish Tejo is fine. Nimmo says when your child would not like to remain with her, for what reason are you stressed for her, one day your inflexibility will destroy this house.

Tejo says no Mahi, we didn’t discover him, Amrik additionally look at many spots, ask aunt not to stress, we will see him. Khushbeer says Tejo will get him, she has a major heart, this isn’t my unbending nature, this is called, remaining with reality. Tejo converses with Amrik and requests that he really take a look at neighboring regions.

Buzo says only couple of hotels are left, else… Tejo says we will see them, we can’t lose mental fortitude. Khushbeer says I can perceive how my bahu is doing this house, she has nothing of her own here, still she is remaining with the family, I will uphold her. He goes. Buzo asks did you see them, are they remaining here. Tejo expresses profound gratitude, you should go now, assuming Fateh sees you, it will be a major issue. He says fine, call me in case there is any issue. She asks the room number and goes. He calls Simran and says we discovered them.

Tejo thumps the entryway. Fateh says who will come here. Jasmin says don’t have the foggiest idea. He opens the entryway and sees Tejo. Jasmin sees Tejo and says goodness, she has come here after us, I figure she will spy and come to Canada moreover. She says Fateh, advise her that I can’t endure her, request that she leave, fine, let her visit here, I will go from here. She leaves from the room. Tejo says I have returned to take you, don’t realize that I was unable to remain without you and reached here discovering you,

I made you out of my life when I saw you and Jasmin in Deepti’s party, return, Gurpreet isn’t well. The man asks what occurred, didn’t you like the room. Jasmin says indeed, will you get a five star lodging. Another man says its hot. She asks what did you say. The man says tea. Tejo says you should think what is abandoned, your family, house and mummy, she is crying a ton. Fateh says in the event that you really focused on her, you ought to have halted this.

She asks what would you like to say. The man says I think you had a battle with Sir. Jasmin chastens him and asks will I call police. The men see police and run. The man requests that Jasmin discover a corner and stow away. Jasmin runs. Fateh inquires as to how about you return to your home, Jasmin and I won’t ever returned until you are there. Tejo reviews Biji and Gurpreet’s words. Tejo says you know it well, I m not there by my desire, I m there in light of Papa ji. Fateh says then, at that point, will you… The police gets in. Fateh asks how could you get in.

Tejo says leave me. Monitor says you know the importance of strike. Constable chastens her. Fateh says Sir, we are a couple. Investigator says a couple don’t come to such places to go through the evening. Tejo says we are nice individuals. Controller says you are gotten with your sweetheart, you are saying you are good. Fateh holds his collar and yells she is my significant other, mind your tongue. Tejo says you can’t lift hand on a police officer.

She says I have mangalsutra in my neck. The constable says each young lady gets such mangalsutra in her handbag and comes here. Investigator says we realize that folks keep in their pockets, take them. Fateh holds Tejo and embraces her. The police attempts to pull them separated.

They move removed. Jasmin goes to the window and looks on. Fateh glances around. Tejo asks are you discovering Jasmin, she is shrewd, she would have stowed away, don’t remain mixed up that she will come to save you. Jasmin leaves. At the police headquarters, Fateh says I m Fateh Singh Virk, fighter, public level, I steer clear of this. Assessor jokes. Fateh says Sir, give me my telephone, you will know it.

Assessor says you will know when the papers are made. Fateh says you don’t have the foggiest idea about my father. Tejo signs no. Examiner says present them in the court tomorrow first thing. The woman constable says they are saying they are a couple, put them in a similar cell. Fateh says give my telephone, I need to converse with the attorney, its my right. Auditor reprimands him. Tejo holds Fateh’s hand and stops.

Fateh says you know why I went to that hotel, I can deal with the police. Tejo says they will require a moment to carry you to detects. He sits stressed. Jasmin comes there in a taxi. She says I can’t allow Fateh to remain in prison with Tejo, I need to accomplish something. She heads inside. She says Inspector Sir, you are mixed up, you locked my significant other inside. He asks who is your significant other. She says Fateh Singh Virk. Woman constable says however he is now with his significant other.

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