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The Episode begins with the women challenging Jasmin. Jasmin and Sweety look. Jasmin requests that they shut up and leave. The women reprove her. The woman says Fateh and you fouled up with Tejo, Punjab Mahila Morcha will not sit calm. Jasmin says its our family matter, you reserve no option to talk, simply leave. The woman says you will show us our right, we will darken your face. Tejo is en route to home. She converses with Biji. The women get Jasmin. Jasmin attempts to run.

The women get the dark tone and concern her face. Jasmin gets stunned and cries. Tejo gets back home and gets stunned seeing the protestors. She drops her handbag and races to Jasmin. She requests that they move away. She attempts to stop the women. Everybody listens to the sound and comes to see. Tejo yells on the women, and say don’t try to draw close to my sister. Dada ji says I will take a brief trip and see.

Sweety says don’t head outside. She tells everything. Tejo admonishes the women. The woman says yet we were raising a voice for your privileges. Tejo says no need, I m not really feeble to battle for my privileges on the streets, its our family matter, kindly leave. The woman says we don’t need this to occur with any other individual. Tejo asks are you law or police, who are you,

you can’t darken anybody’s face. The woman says for what reason should we care when you doesn’t. The women leave. Tejo cries seeing Jasmin. She takes Jasmin inside the house. Everybody gets stunned seeing Jasmin. Jasmin races to her room. Tejo requests that Mahi and Sweety apply coconut oil and clean up. Biji and Dada ji ask what occurred. Tejo says I will advise you, we need to initially go to the clinic. Jasmin sits crying. Fateh comes there and looks on.

Mahi and Sweety leave. Fateh embraces Jasmin. She beats him. She says this happened on account of Tejo, I had advised you, nothing can get fine until Tejo is here, she grabbed my privileges, your family kept her here as their girl, you love me, she is your significant other, everybody considers me a subsequent lady, enough Fateh, either Tejo will remain here or me. Fateh takes Jasmin with him.

He asks did you see her state, should she pass on, imagine a scenario where anything large happened today, what’s her slip-up, that she cherishes me, I likewise love her, I m the child of this house, I can likewise get a few rights, or did you give every one of the rights to your new little girl, enough now, I won’t endure your standards, possibly I will remain here or Tejo. Khushbeer says you are undermining me, leave today itself, Jasmin is liable for her express, its a consequence of her transgressions, she did something modest and got her face darkened, she has darkened her family’s face,

Tejo will not leave from here, this is the aftereffect of your own deeds, Tejo isn’t to blame, Jasmin will take off from the house, request that she leave. Fateh proceeds to get his sacks. Gurpreet and Mahi stop him. Fateh embraces Gurpreet and says I will deal with this. He takes Jasmin and leaves. Gurpreet weeps for him. Tejo and Biji return home. Tejo asks what happened aunt ji. She asks did Jasmin do anything, I will see her. Gurpreet asks what will you see, this house is reviled, no youngster remains here, first Simran left and presently Fateh left. Tejo asks what. Nimmo says don’t have the foggiest idea what Jasmin did, Fateh went with her. Biji cries so anyone might hear. Tejo says I will call him. Mahi says no utilization, their telephones are off.

Fateh and Jasmin go to a hotel. She doesn’t care for the spot. She asks will we stay here, a terrible stench is coming, this bedsheet resembles its not washed since months, I can’t remain here. Fateh inquires as to why, in the event that its awful, clean it. She says I can’t perfect, I can’t remain here. He says I can simply manage the cost of this.

Gurpreet says Tejo, your Papa ji pays attention to you, request that he get Fateh back. Khushbeer says no need, he will proceed to know things, he will esteem relations, he needn’t bother with a conciliatory sentiment however an illustration, which he will get outside the house. Gurpreet goes crying. Tejo says I can hardly imagine how Fateh can do this with Gurpreet. Jasmin asks where is the cash you acquired. Fateh says this isn’t Virk house. Jasmin says you had worked in the foundation. He says I can’t guarantee that cash, change here. She says there ought to be some game plan.

He says allow me multi week, I will mastermind something. He lies on the bed. She says you feel languid, I m so stressed, assuming you need me to remain here, then, at that point, proceed to clean the washroom, I will clean here. He says no. She asks him to simply go. He goes. Tejo requests that Gurpreet quiet down. Gurpreet says get Fateh back, I can’t remain without Fateh. Mahi says Fateh fouled up, I m surprise, assuming he disappears, he will not return like Simran, accomplish something, I would prefer not to lose him. Tejo consoles her.

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