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The Episode begins with Rupy and everybody crying at home. He says we had taken care of the Canada dream to her, she didn’t settle and is demolishing Tejo’s home too. Gurpreet says its difficult, Khushbeer got her as a little girl. Fateh says I guarantee, support me, I will not do any error. Biji says I have demolished your little girls’ lives. Everybody embraces her and cries. Simran calls Tejo and requests that she see the news.

Tejo gets stunned seeing Fateh’s undertaking news. Fateh and both the families see the news. They get stressed. Sweety asks did you see the news. Jasmin says I could do without the news, everybody will fail to remember it, I wish my life’s concern gets less, don’t ruin my mind-set. She closes the call. Fateh takes a gander at her. She requests that he think what to do. Dilraj says I will not go to class, my companions ridicule me. Satti stresses. Nimmo insults Jasmin.

She says Mahi is correct, Jasmin would have locked Tejo. Mahi asks Jasmin for what good reason did she do this. Jasmin says I requested that Tejo go in the capacity, Khurana uncle came there, I didn’t go on the stage myself. Khushbeer requests that she stop babble and leave. Fateh comes. Jasmin cries. Khushbeer applauds Fateh and insults him. Gurpreet thinks to accomplish something. She meets Tejo’s family. She says we got a lot of offended, nobody is cheerful, my child, your girls, nobody, both the kids did a misstep, yet we need to discover an answer, I have a solicitation, bring Tejo back home.

Rupy looks on. Satti says we didn’t wish to send Tejo to your home. Gurpreet says I know, Fateh and Jasmin are likewise there, Jasmin has turned into her Sautan, how might they stay glad under a similar rooftop, Khushbeer took Tejo home as his little girl, I can’t reveal to him anything, however I can implore you for their joy. Satti says I comprehend your point, I need to converse with Tejo once. Gurpreet leaves. Satti says we should get back to Tejo. Rupy says no, she will not return here.

He says Khushbeer knows good and bad, he took Tejo, She will battle for her right, I will not turn into an obstacle in her battle and will not allow anybody to turn into an obstacle. Clergyman says Khushbeer’s deed has brought issues for the family. Khushbeer feels miserable. Fateh gets the prize. He thinks about Khushbeer’s words. Clergyman says Khushbeer will not get the MLA ticket in the coming decisions, it will be an example for other people.

Fateh returns the honor and prize. The media and authorities leave. Gurpreet returns home. she asks Jasmin are you cheerful now, you guarantee to adore Fateh, you offended him, you will get my revile. Jasmin says its not my mix-up, your child got me here, its Tejo’s error, your better half got her here, revile her. Gurpreet says you are not afraid to say babble. Fateh embraces Gurpreet and says quiet down. He requests that Jasmin go in. Khushbeer and Balbeer get back home. Dada ji asks what occurred. Khushbeer says nothing is fine, everything got destroyed. Balbeer says party wouldn’t give him political race ticket this time, he got much offended. Fateh says yet Papa… .

Khushbeer says enough, are you cheerful, you were my pride, I didn’t envision you will get me embarrassed, you demolished everything, father’s regard, family name and everything, nobody talked before me, they are ridiculing me, this is a result of your undertaking. Tejo requests that he quiet down.

Gurpreet requests that Tejo see Khushbeer’s express, its not her slip-up, they are her guilty party, he got her in the house as his little girl, however this house doesn’t have boldness to bear more weight. She says respect me your mum and take off from this house, you can consume your time on earth in harmony, take off from this house on destiny.

Biji asks what are you saying. Jasmin grins. Gurpreet says excuse me, let Tejo go, we can send Tejo to remain with deference, I lost Simran, I would prefer not to lose Fateh. Tejo embraces her and control center. She says possibly aunt ji is correct, its better for everybody on the off chance that I leave from here. she cries and says please. Khushbeer says you will not go anyplace.

She says please. He says no. He holds her hand and says Tejo will not go anyplace, she will remain here with us in this house, Tejo will not bear a discipline for another person’s misstep, I have broken, my shoulders aren’t excessively powerless such that I can’t bear a little girl’s obligation, I m not absurd to not comprehend somebody’s arrangement, this intend to expel Tejo will not work, assuming any other individual needs to go, he/she can go.

Biji inquires as to for what reason did Gurpreet say this, I don’t comprehend. Tejo says she is directly on her front. Fateh looks on. Dada ji says she got visually impaired in her child’s affection, Khushbeer sees good and bad, you shouldn’t go, Fateh and Jasmin ought to go. Jasmin says don’t have the foggiest idea how long will I catch wind of Tejo, I wish to get visa soon, Fateh and I leave for Canada.

Tejo says have food, you have blood tests and afterward physical checkup, I will come from school and take you to the specialist. Biji asks how might you face everybody. Tejo says I need to confront everybody. Sweety says don’t emerge from the house, you are getting criticized. Jasmin says I m not terrified, let them gaze at me. Biji asks how would you get this boldness. Tejo says I see all of you and get fortitude all alone. Fateh gets pitiful. Tejo cries and goes. Udaariyaan… .plays… .

Precap: The women challenge Jasmin and catch her to darken her face. Jasmin gets stunned. The women darken her face. Tejo gets back home and gets stunned seeing this incident.


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