Udaariyaan 25th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Fateh and Tejo seeing every different. She is going. Jasmin collides together along with her and says sorry. Tejo sees the juice spilled on her dress. She says I will easy it and come. Tejo sees Jasmin and her %. She recollects their moments and cries. Jasmin comes. Tejo asks what do you need. Jasmin asks what do you need, Fateh? I recognize, you referred to as us right here intentionally, you’re doing a faux engagement, what happened. Tejo says I don’t understand what you’re saying.

Jasmin says you and Angad are doing a faux engagement, why is he assisting you, inform me. Tejo says I can say it however you won’t recognize. Jasmin argues. Tejo says you already know what I m doing, however you won’t recognize why I m doing now, close up your mouth. Jasmin says I m now no longer going to inform anyone, I don’t need Fateh to understand this and cry, he thinks you’re transferring on and his guilt is getting less.

Tejo says prevent it, study this % and recall, we’re personal sisters, we cherished every different so much, you observed I m your enemy, you forgot I m your sister, however I didn’t forget, so I m doing everything, you could hate me, however I can’t hate you, I turned into angry, however I take care of your happiness. They argue. Jasmin says prevent this drama. Tejo says I m doing this for myself, its a huge day for me, I gets my freedom whilst you and Fateh get married, I need to move farfar from you, Fateh, your hatred and everything, you won’t want to peer my face again.

Satti comes and appears on. Jasmin says I m now no longer so foolish, you’re doing this due to the fact you continue to love Fateh, you continue to love him, inform me. Tejo says yes, I love Fateh, however that is additionally real that I will now no longer permit him come returned in my lifestyles, the injuries he gave me can by no means heal, nobody can heal that, anyways, you need to emerge as mature to recognize this, you couldn’t recognize Fateh and your love, the day you recognize this, you may now no longer simply love yourself, however additionally Fateh. She is going downstairs and recollects Jasmin’s words. She cries. Satti comes and hugs her. She says Jasmin can’t alternate, simply Lord’s punishment can alternate her, don’t cry, your new lifestyles is beginning tomorrow. Fateh comes and appears on. Satti says no sorrow will are available your lifestyles from tomorrow. She hugs Tejo. Jasmin comes downstairs and takes him along.

Its morning, Jasmin says finally, your dad and mom understand that households are coming to bless us, in order that they assist you to come, right. Sweety says sorry. Jasmin says its fine, who informed you. Fateh comes and says I can try this in your happiness. Sweety says you’re fortunate to get him, he loves you a lot. Jasmin says I additionally love him, we ought to get geared up now, our access must be grand. He says I will see. He is going. Jasmin and her pals see the garments and jewelry to match. Jasmin asks Sweety to assist her, maintain a watch on Tejo. She says I sense she is making plans to take a seat down withinside the mandap, some thing is fishy. Sweety says Tejo is getting engaged to Angad, relax now. Jasmin thinks I desire I should say, they’re simply doing a drama.

Tejo, Simran and Mahi come home. Mahi says it turned into an excellent time on the parlour. Fateh talks to Jasmin on call. Simran says you observed for everyone, however none thinks approximately you. Tejo says I don’t care, I m simply doing my work. The guy says while the groom and the bride make an access, flora will fall on them, fog will come and limelight will fall on them, it’ll occur after I cough aloud. Fateh thank you him. He sees Tejo coming and ends the decision. Jasmin says why did he cease the decision suddenly. Simran says Angad is getting your dress, cross and take rest, I gets tea for you. She is going. Tejo’s dupatta receives caught in Fateh’s watch. They try and unfastened it. The guy receives a cough. The guys begin the limelight and fog, and bathe the flora, over them. Fateh and Tejo stand there seeing every different. Jasmin comes there. She sees them collectively and cries. The lighting come returned. Jasmin shouts Fateh….

The guy says who requested you to bathe the flora, I simply coughed via way of means of mistake. Jasmin is going and slaps the guy. She asks how dare you damage my decoration. Fateh stops her. She slaps him again. The guy says I didn’t try this intentionally. Nimmo says she has long gone mad, and grew to become extra dangerous, she will be able to harm the terrible decorator. Mahi says she seems like a Chudail, now no longer a bride. Jasmin shouts. Tejo says calm down, he stated he’s going to get this fixed, don’t damage your mood, its your marriage. Jasmin says yes, it’ll occur whilst you permit it occur, you’ll be glad now, you spoiled my access, prevent this pretence now, you cross out, that’s the door, why are you sitting on my Kundali like a Naagin. She asks Fateh to invite Tejo why is she doing this. She shouts depart from our lives. Tejo cries. Jasmin says you need to damage my dreams, I will see you. She receives a water bowl. Angad comes and takes the bowl from Jasmin’s hands. He asks what are you doing, its your marriage today, glad wedding, now no longer glad holi. She asks how dare you return back among us. Fateh stops her and takes her. Angad cleans the flora/petals from Tejo’s hair. He symptoms and symptoms her to smile. She smiles. Gurpreet appears on and smiles.

Precap: Jasmin is getting geared up. Her pals inform her that Fateh is a superb guy. Jasmin asks, however in which is he? Angad and Tejo are becoming married. Fateh goes someplace on his bike. Jasmin’s pals tell her that they searched anywhere withinside the house, however Fateh isn’t located anywhere.


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