Udaariyaan 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Angad pronouncing its double celebrations today, its Tejo and my pre engagement party, and my buddy Fateh and Jasmin’s sangeet. Tejo thank you him. He says your desire is my command. Fateh thinks you can’t see anybody sad, I are aware of it turned into your plan to name us right here. Khushbeer says you got here late. Angad says however I even have come. Khushbeer asks Rupy to include him.

Bebe says we are able to cross inside, allow the youngsters enjoy. Jasmin says it seems like they deliberate to insult us. Fateh says you may be the movie star of the night tomorrow, make your temper better. Tejo performs the dhol. Everyone stops. Angad dances. He receives every body for the dance. Fateh asks Jasmin to move and dance. Jasmin dances with them. Fateh performs the dhol. They all dance. Angad and Tejo laugh. Tejo dances and is going in the direction of Fateh. Khushbeer appears at them.

Angad smiles. Jasmin dances with Fateh. Angad takes Tejo for the dance. Tejo and Jasmin get mehendi applied. Tejo asks Dilraj to get a few food. Angad receives the snacks and feeds her. Gurpreet and Satti smile. Angad says Fateh, recharge the girls, feed her. Fateh receives the snacks for Jasmin. Jasmin says make a large coronary heart right here and write Jasfa in it, it method Jasmin and Fateh, Tejo won’t you get Angad’s call written.

Angad says my call is written on Tejo’s coronary heart, what’s the that means to get it written on hand. Tejo says right, names written with mehendi get wiped out, however the names written on coronary heart by no means get erased. Angad asks can I make a touch flower for your hand. He makes a flower with the mehendi. She smiles. Jasmin says Fateh, you furthermore may make something. Fateh says I were given an pressing call. He is going.

Tejo says its too much. Angad says whatever is much less for you, you do loads for every body. They smile. Fateh appears at them. Khushbeer involves Fateh. He asks what are you seeing, are you regretting. Fateh says I didn’t recognize. Khushbeer says you recognize it, you’re questioning in case you left a diamond and were given a stone, there may be nonetheless time, do you need to alternate your decision. Fateh says I love Jasmin, Tejo and Angad like every other. Gurpreet appears on. Khushbeer says I m your dad, I recognize everything, you may additionally recognize that Jasmin isn’t your love, however your mistake, someone bears a punishment for such errors forever, assume again. Fateh says I love Jasmin, I m marrying her, I need to marry simplest Jasminm I request you to allow this happen. He is going.

Gurpreet says we’re well-known this, why are you rigid. Khushbeer says its a father’s wish, I may also appearance happy, however I m crying inside. She says Fateh is your son, however you seemed Tejo as your daughter, allow this happen, Angad is written in her fate, Fateh is blind for Jasmin, he won’t agree. He says I can’t go away this wish.

Abhiraj says every body’s call is written right here, that individual has to pick a person randomly, then pick the chit, it has punishment written, I suggest that assignment they must perform. Khushbeer’s call comes at the rotating wheel. He receives blind folded. He holds Satti. Everyone laughs. Mahi says Salim, Anarkali, you need to perform a little act. Satti says I m shy. Rupy asks her now no longer to be shy. Satti and Khushbeer act like Salim and Anarkali.

Everyone laughs. Angad’s call comes. He receives blindfolded. Angad is going to Jasmin and jokes. She chooses a chit. Abhiraj says she can be able to train you boxing. Jasmin asks Angad to do 50 pushups. Angad does it. He says spare me, I don’t need to come to be a boxer on this birth. Tejo’s call comes. Everyone claps. Tejo receives blindfolded. She is going around. She holds Fateh. She gets rid of the blindfold and sees him. Jasmin makes a face. Angad says you need to take the chit, its a game, come on bro, I gets it, its dance. He asks them to dance. Jasmin thinks its her plan, she selected Fateh intentionally. Tejo and Fateh dance. Jasmin appears on. Everyone claps. Khushbeer says see it yourself,

I can’t go away this wish till Fateh receives married. Gurpreet smiles. Fateh and Tejo see every other. Angad says allow or not it’s Jasmin, allow them to dance, from tomorrow, he’s going to simply dance for your tunes, enjoy. Jasmin thinks are they looking to make me away via way of means of this faux engagement drama, Angad may also lead them to take a seat down withinside the mandap tomorrow. Fateh holds Tejo in arms. Mangala….performs….

Precap: Fateh and Tejo are retaining every other’s palms and are having an extreme eye lock. Jasmin sees them. Later, she confronts Tejo which you are doing all this due to the fact you continue to love Fateh. Tejo screams, yes, I love Fateh.


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