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The Episode begins offevolved with Tejo announcing I changed into wondering to move away after Fateh-Jasmin’s marriage and our faux engagement, it is going to be unstable to preserve this drama. He asks will you pass farfar from Fateh additionally. She says I assume Jasmin won’t be satisfied till I live here. He says think about yourself, someone have to stay for himself, now no longer for others. She says you’re right, as soon as this receives fine, I will assume what I need. He says good, assume how and whilst will you inform them approximately our faux engagement. She says I didn’t assume so, it have to manifest what we need. He says right, if we did a faux engagement, then we are able to do a faux breakup. She says thank you. He asks for coffee. She says thank you for the entirety, for assisting me and know-how me, you’re doing this for me.

He says of course, due to my love, I love your wondering, your selflessness, you could do whatever on your own circle of relatives, your own circle of relatives is lovable and proper hearted like you, its my benefit. She laughs and says nobody can win over you in talks. They depart withinside the car. She thinks he’s hiding some thing in the back of this smile, perhaps approximately his own circle of relatives. Angad recollects the pic. FB suggests Angad is using the car. He sees the female smiling and speaking to him. A truck is available in front. They meet with an accident. FB ends. Angad stops the car. Tejo appears at him.

Its night, Fateh sits ingesting on the bar counter. He recollects Tejo’s words. He sees Angad. Angad beverages and dances. Fateh is going to him. Angad suggests a punch. Fateh says I m sorry Angad, I have to have now no longer raised hand on you, truely sorry. Angad says its fine, a person will apprehend a person’s pain, come, bottoms up. They take a seat down ingesting. They snort. Angad says I will inform a pinnacle secret, don’t inform anyone, seeing Tejo crying, anyone’s coronary heart gets sad.

Bebe says Angad is an all rounder, he could make meals additionally. Tejo says he chefs truely well. Bebe asks her to shop for a brand new suit. Tejo says no need, I even have many clothes. She is going. Lovely says ladies in recent times purchase the complete market. Bebe says she has long gone via lots and misplaced her wishes, simply Angad can revive it. Fateh says Tejo is a diamond. Angad says you understand it, right. Fateh says she changed into my wife, I realize, she is the best. Angad asks then why did you depart her. Fateh says I changed into blind in Jasmin’s love, love is blind. Angad says love is blind and mad additionally, why doesn’t love get a treatment. They snort and drink extra.

Fateh says after marriage, my blind love marriage is there. Angad says and my faux love’s faux engagement, come party. They pass out. Angad says your bachelor party. Fateh asks them to play music. Angad and Fateh play the dhol and dance with the guys. Tejo is on call. Satti comes. She says take a seat down here, is Angad an excellent person, are you satisfied. Tejo says yes, I informed you already. Satti says a mum doubts whilst the daughter doesn’t meet eyes. Fateh and Angad dance with the guys. Fateh says its your brother’s marriage after days. Angad says and my marriage. Satti asks are you hiding some thing from me. Tejo recollects Angad’s words. She says you’re annoying for no reason.

Satti says take a seat down here, matters are going on so quickly, are you doing this in pressure. Tejo says no. Satti says you didn’t want to marry, what occurred which you agreed to get marry Angad, and now you’ll get engaged. Fateh and Angad say I will drop you. They take a seat down at the motormotorcycle. Fateh says simply days, then the entirety is finished. Angad says engagement over, drama begins offevolved, Tejo ji… Fateh says Jasmin becomes mine. Angad says Tejo mine… Satti says you don’t like Angad as he likes you, I even have visible it in his eyes, however every so often I m scared, is it proper or now no longer, we were given cheated two times at Jass and Fateh’s times, and now we are able to’t think about whatever to make you farfar from this pain, are we doing whatever wrong. Angad asks are you satisfied bro, you’re my bro.

Fateh says you known as me bro. He kisses and says bro to bro, I need to inform you some thing. Angad says inform me. Fateh says I deliberate a large marvel for Jasmin, the day we get married, the entirety will alternate forever. Angad says inform me. Fateh says promise you won’t say anyone.

Angad says Tejo promise. Fateh tells some thing in his ear. Angad receives down the motormotorcycle. Fateh says motormotorcycle is running. Angad says depart it, your plan is so good, solid, I additionally need to do some thing like this. Fateh asks for Tejo. Angad says yes. Tejo says I realize what I m doing, I even have learnt lots from my life, you dispose of this worry out of your mind, this time, I m clean and strong, nobody can harm me.

Satti says I need this to grow to be the electricity of your love, now no longer of your pain. Fateh says I even have harm Tejo lots, I had an affair together along with her sister, I insulted Tejo, I m bearing its punishment, in case you make her cry… Angad says I promise, I will contend with her and love her extra than you, you promise you won’t beat me. Fateh hugs him and says cheers. Inspector asks what’s going on. They pee at the roadside. They shout Susu. Inspector says Mr. Maan, Fateh, you… Fateh asks do you need to mention some thing. Inspector says Sukhbir, we must drop them.

Its morning, Simran asks Fateh to wake up. Fateh says what did I inform Angad. Fateh and Angad wash their faces. Angad says did I inform approximately the faux engagement. Fateh recollects his words. Angad beverages the lemon water. He recollects his words. He says what did I do, if I informed approximately Tejo and my faux engagement then…

Sunday Special Episode Precap:
Tejo says its a faux engagement, so we are able to take a faux ring. Tejo and Angad have a talk. Jasmin hears them and says faux engagement, I will reveal Tejo’s truth..


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