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The Episode begins offevolved with Fateh announcing yes, Tejo did lots for me, you and this own circle of relatives, she married me towards her well, she treated this own circle of relatives and academy, she were given Simran home, after doing all this, she were given simply sorrow, I m additionally a human and feature feelings, I can ensure that she doesn’t get extra sorrow, I love you however I can’t hate her, you could hate her. Jasmin says yes, I hate her,

if she didn’t take a seat down withinside the mandap that day, then we might were glad, she ruined my existence, she made me farfar from everyone, you didn’t reflect onconsideration on me, our marriage is in 6 days, no person cares for me. Lovely suggests the suit. Bebe says its nice. Satti says mehendi artist is final. Bebe asks approximately Angad’s ring. Rupy says Khushbeer stated he already took his ring size, allow him do, he additionally has a few goals for her, he regards her a daughter, we ought to be glad that Tejo is getting love from mums-dads.

Jasmin says I don’t have any one, I simply have you, in which will I cross, you don’t take care of me. Fateh holds her hand and forestalls her. He says I m so sorry, I ought to have now no longer behaved like this, there may be lots strain on me, sorry, we’ve got 6 days, those 6 days are ours, we are able to have a good time our coming existence, I promise no person will come among us, smile now. She says no, promise me, you may constantly guide me.

He says I promise, whilst my marvel comes out, then you may consider that my whole’s existence cognizance is on you. Jasmin and Fateh see Tejo withinside the academy. Tejo says I actually have despatched the presentation to Mr. Bedi, you name at his office. Fateh nods. Jasmin asks in which are you going, so decked up. Tejo says you thoughts your very own work. They argue. Tejo says I will inform you, I m going to my fiance’s residence for lunch, he’s making lunch for me, we are able to have lunch and spend time, glad now, you’ve got got lunch with you fiance, he shouldn’t come there and disturb my fiance. She leaves. Jasmin says she stated a lot nonsense. Fateh says depart it, visit office, I will come.

Angad cuts the onions. He says I favored cooking when you consider that childhood, mum used to invite me to knead the flour, that’s the hardest task, possible vent enmity on a person via way of means of asking to knead the flour. Tejo laughs and says accurate joke. He cooks. She says don’t placed Ajwain. He says you stated you haven’t any hypersensitive reaction with it. She says now no longer me, Fateh doesn’t like his smell. He says and you. She says I like it, placed it. He says greater ajwain for Tejo ji. He tastes it and says first class. She says I may even take a look at it. He asks her to flavor it. He kneads the flour. She says sorry. He says its a small issue, sorry for Ajwain, come on, you lived there for months, its a habit, we should try this drama for one week.

She says now no longer for Ajwain, due to Fateh preventing you, I didn’t say sorry. He asks why did he do that, and why do you care, you continue to love him right. She thinks of Fateh. She says I used to like him, however something he did with me, the entirety is over, now I don’t have anything in my coronary heart for him. He says he has it. She says only for Jasmin. He says no, he got here to conquer me like a mad lover, he has some thing in his coronary heart. She thinks.

She says what he thinks for me, I don’t care. He says it matters, else you will have now no longer performed this drama, right, whilst one fails two times in relations, then its a huge issue to try this for the 1/3 time. She says I realize, I did this for my families, not anything is imp than families, it’ll be my closing attempt for Fateh and Jasmin, then they realize it.

He asks what approximately your existence, in which are you. She asks him to feed her some thing, he known as her on lunch. He says you made me busy in talks, cross and feature snacks, lunch may be equipped in ten mins, open that rack. She is going to take a look at. She sees Angad’s %. She thinks who’s this woman, and this child. She thinks Angad stated he’s alone, did he deceive me, however why. Angad comes and sees her.

She says sorry, I became locating snacks and were given this %, who’s she, your own circle of relatives? Your daughter? Angad says it doesn’t matter, you recognize lots approximately me, for a faux engagement, its sufficient to realize that. She says its ok in case you don’t need to say. He says thank you and continues the % withinside the drawer. He says come Tejorita, unique kaali daal is expecting you, its made in unique selfmade ghee.

Jasmin says you need to make this residence appearance grand, I need fashionable strings here. Fateh comes. He hears Jasmin. Jasmin says that is Kushal ji, I instructed him to make arrangements, we are able to make a smoke access at the stage, gradual romantic song will cross on, we are able to have dinners behind. She asks Fateh what took place. Angad falls.

Tejo asks in which is your cognizance. He says on you, you didn’t had cognizance on me, so I needed to try this. She says supply me your hand. She pulls him up. They have espresso together. He says you will be wondering you understand much less approximately me. She says it doesn’t matter, you could in no way realize someone completely. He smiles and says there may be lots for your coronary heart, inform me, I actually have this right, I m your faux fiance. Fateh says do as she says, ship me the quotation.

Kushal says I were given it with me. Fateh says 15 lakhs is just too lots, Jasmin reduce few things, its unreasonable quotes. Kushal says quotes are right. Khushbeer comes and hears them. He says wait, do it as stated, ship the invoice to me, its my daughter’s engagement. He is going. Jasmin says that is the problem, its our marriage, however the entirety is performed consistent with Tejo.

Fateh asks what’s your problem, you have become what you need. She argues. He says I actually have spent my existence’s whole financial savings for sudden you, you could see it after days, I actually have imp work. He is going. She thinks what’s going to be such marvel, I can’t wait for 2 mins, the way to discover out.

Precap: Tejo’s mom asks her till few days ago, she became now no longer equipped for marriage. Then what took place all at once that she agreed to marry Angad and goes to get engaged. Angad and Fateh are drunk. Fateh says, I were given blind in Jasmin’s love and in 2 days, it’s marriage of that blind love. Angad says, and my faux love’s faux engagement. Fateh seems on..


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