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The Episode begins offevolved with Tejo coming to Angad and announcing you’re right here, I went to look you at your property and office, I had taken those papers with me, so… She asks how did this happen, you’re an awful lot harm, you had a combat with someone, with whom and why. She does the aid. He jokes. He says its excellent which you are making use of the ointment through your hands, you’ve got got end up filmi now, inform me why have been you crying withinside the morning.

She recollects Jasmin’s words. She says go away it, its now no longer related to this. He asks did Jasmin say you some thing. She says while you understood, then inform me how did this happen. He says I fell down the tractor. She asks him to discover a excellent excuse, who did this. He asks him to have lassi. She asks Rajat who had come right here earlier than me. Angad symptoms and symptoms no to Rajat. She asks Rajat do you like your process or now no longer. Rajat says yes, sorry, Fateh had come right here, he had a combat with Angad. She asks why did he come, what’s the matter.

Tejo involves Fateh and scolds him. She asks through what proper did you boost hand on my fiance. He asks did he come to you with the complaint. She says you believe you studied he’s going to do this, what’s your trouble if I cry. He says he has no proper to make you cry. She says oh, simply you’ve got got this proper, you concept he made me cry and went to invite him,

you need to have requested me. He says I did what I felt proper. She asks why, why do you care if I cry or laugh, live farfar from me and my life, can’t you and Jasmin live happy, we haven’t any relation now, prevent displaying care and rights on me, you’ve got got Jasmin, live happy, permit me live, spare me now, after I m beginning a brand new life, you may see that additionally, I m helpless to look you, I m related for your own circle of relatives and this academy, for the final time, live farfar from me and Angad, he is a great person, he can’t even consider making me cry. He says even I can’t see you crying.

She asks seriously, through that proper are you announcing this, you’ve got got made me cry the maximum. He says I recognise, I did wrong, I will constantly be ashamed, I can’t tolerate every body else hurting you. She says you misplaced all of the rights whilst we went for the divorce. He asks did our connection give up after the divorce. She asks what connection, it become by no means there out of your side, it become simply from my side, you’ve got got damaged it long term ago, anyways, live farfar from me and my life, its my request. She turns to pass. He holds her hand and prevents her. She receives her hand freed and leaves. He cries and throws the matters in anger.

He says I recognise Tejo, I by no means advised you, I take care of you a lot, and I m ashamed for my deed, if Angad didn’t make you cry, then who. He recollects Angad’s words. He receives angry. Khushbeer says meals nice need to be the best, its my daughter’s engagement. The guy asks her now no longer to fear. Khushbeer goes. Jasmin tests the menu. She says gulab jamun has no tick, due to the fact Tejo doesn’t like it, its my marriage additionally. Fateh comes domestic and takes her to the room.

Mahi says he seems angry, I assume Jasmin did some thing, I desire their marriage breaks. Simran smiles and needs the identical. Fateh asks what did you inform Tejo. Jasmin asks him to go away her. He says you’ll have stated some thing, so she had cried. She says she complained to you. He scolds her. She says you all assume she is great, you all were given blind. He says to procure blind, you may’t see what she is doing for us. She says she is convincing anybody to wait our marriage, it method they fear for Tejo, now no longer us.

He says I love my own circle of relatives, its imp that they’re coming to bless us withinside the marriage, I need them to just accept you, all of us live right here beneathneath the identical roof, you may’t recognize this, sufficient now, I don’t need any drama, I m grateful to Tejo, she is shifting on, my guilt is getting less, I don’t need to speak in this topic, if I pay attention which you have harm Tejo, then none might be worse than me.

She asks what is going to you do if I do this. He says you’ve got got visible my love until now, pray which you by no means see my hatred. He leaves. She cries and says Tejo made me farfar from the families, and now seeking to make me fall in Fateh’s sight, Tejo did an awful lot wrong, she has to pay a rate for this.

Its morning, Tejo finishes a call. He asks Satti to % her lunch. Tejo asks why did you’re making some of these dishes. Lovely asks Tejo to get routine to lassi now. Bebe says Angad loves lassi. Satti says he loves parathas additionally. Tejo asks did Angad come. Harman says yes, we known as him to talk about approximately engagement. Rupy says we concept to recognise his likes and dislikes. Harman asks her to look the gifts. Bebe says he were given oil for my knees. Dilraj says toronto likes his new clothes, I additionally preferred my gift. Angad greets Tejo. Dilraj asks her to look the brand new shawls. Angad asks Tejo to look, color is suiting an awful lot.

She asks what’s all this. Angad says toronto, she is your formative years friend, is she such for the reason that constantly. Tejo says we’re acting, you don’t want to get the gifts. He jokes. She says I m now no longer joking. He says even I m now no longer joking. He holds her close. He says concentrate to me cautiously Miss Sandhu, sport is probably yours, however I will play it my way, there perhaps many motives to love you, however the maximum imp is your own circle of relatives, I were given a lovely readymade own circle of relatives, person who doesn’t have a own circle of relatives is aware of its value. She asks what do you mean.

He says you understand the maximum aspect imp approximately me now, I haven’t any own circle of relatives, I m alone, I become 12 years vintage whilst my mother and father died withinside the aircraft crash. She says sorry, your brother and sister could be there. He says there’s no one, Dada and Dadi live in London, after I pass there, I meet them, I live alone, I m upset, you broke my coronary heart.

She says sorry, what did I do. He says my could be faux Sasumaa made warm parathas with butter, I m now no longer ingesting that and speakme depressed matters right here, now no longer fair, we can invite you and your questions about lunch, done, your faux fiance will prepare dinner dinner the lunch for you. He jokes and asks approximately her allergy. She laughs and says no. He laughs. Rupy comes and sees them. He smiles.

Fateh washes his jeep. Jasmin involves him. He asks what are you doing right here. She says I even have to speak some thing serious, do you really need to marry me, when you have something on your coronary heart, you may inform me. He says spare me withinside the morning, I can’t shout that I love you. She says yes, your face could have modified if Tejo become right here in my place, you stated Angad could be very imp for us, you had overwhelmed him, are you jealous that he’s with Tejo, is Tejo nonetheless on your coronary heart and mind. He seems at her.

Precap: Tejo tells Jasmin, I am going to my fiancé domestic for lunch. We will spend time together. You too spend time together along with your fiancé until then, so he doesn’t come there and disturb us. Fateh seems on. At Angad’s domestic, Tejo sees Angad’s image with a woman and a small girl. She asks him who’re they?


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