Udaariyaan 17th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Tejo scolding Jasmin. She says I remorse that I even have come lower back to the academy as your and Fateh’s boss. Fateh comes and asks we could begin the puja. Jasmin says I don’t need to do the puja with her. She leaves. Fateh and Tejo carry out the puja. Gurpreet says its Candy’s first Dussehra, we are able to take him and display how we burn the Raavan. Mahi says we didn’t exit on account that many days. Amrik reminds the adolescence second and laughs. Khushbeer says allow Tejo and Fateh come lower back, Tejo is his boss now, it turned into the investors’ condition. Jasmin comes and appears on. Fateh thank you Tejo and says I don’t care in case you are my boss, its sufficient which you are here.

Biji and Nimmo inform that Tejo is Fateh’s spouse. They laugh. Fateh says academy can’t run with out you. Tejo says I understand, you’re misunderstanding, I didn’t come to assist you, however for the investor’s condition, you have been withinside the jail, the own circle of relatives turned into too worried, I experience disenchanted seeing them sad, I simply take care of the deal which were given you released, I even have finished this for the own circle of relatives, I desire Jasmin doesn’t do anything. The own circle of relatives praises Tejo. Jasmin recollects Jas and says I understand a way to undo those seven rounds. Fateh says I want your assist on this academy. Tejo says each time I helped you,

I were given harm. He says however I even have apologized to you. She asks will the whole lot get excellent while someone apologizes. He says few matters aren’t in our hands. She says you’re right, depart it. He asks will you assist me in walking this academy, you understand Jasmin doesn’t understand this paintings. Jasmin involves Jas’ house. She enters there.

Fateh says please Tejo, I want you. Tejo says while you are in a problem, you watched you’ll get my assist, however now no longer anymore, its sufficient, forestall the use of people, forestall hurting them, I m someone, now no longer a tissue paper, its my mistake that I turned into too right toward you, you constantly want me, what do you watched of me, you skinny I m mad, you’ve got got cheated me and eliminated me out of your existence, you then definately come to mention sorry and question me that will help you in walking the academy, you in no way wanted me, what do you understand approximately a girl’s emotions, inform me,

I will let you know, a girl can supply any sacrifice and tolerate all of the sorrows, she will be able to get harm to assist others, its in her DNA, she will be able to combat Lord for the only she loves, while she receives determined, then she won’t forestall at Lord’s phrase also, I will let you know again, I will simply make sure which you do your paintings well, its a count number of 3 months, you then definately pass your way, I will pass my way. She leaves. Halla hai…performs… Jasmin tests the door. Jas catches her at knife factor and says don’t act smart, how did you return back here. Jasmin says I even have come to speak of your profit. He says you had taken a hide to get me caught.

She says its antique thing, it turned into Fateh and Tejo’s plan, matters have changed, I let you and take revenge. He says you’ll pass towards your very own sister. She says yes, I hate her, she ruined my existence. He asks why shall I assist you. She says I took a huge chance and got here here, circulate the knife away, I heard that enemy’s enemy is a friend, Tejo is Fateh’s spouse now, don’t you need to take revenge on her. He recollects Tejo’s words. He drops the knife. She alternatives the knife. He says you can’t pass from here, positioned it down. She returns the knife and asks do you need revenge or now no longer.

She offers him gold bangles. He tests. The own circle of relatives sees the Dussehra’s Ram Leela. Khushbeer tells Candy approximately Ram Leela, Lord Ram kills Raavan and ends the evil of the world. Jasmin appears on. Fateh says Raavan turned into a horrific guy, he abducted Sita. Tejo says Ram had freed Sita. Jasmin thinks wherein are you Jas, all of us reached. Dada ji says all of us have Raavan in us, the only who thinks horrific approximately others is a Raavan. Candy says I may even kill Raavan. Jasmin scolds him. Candy jokes on him. Nimmo name callings Jasmin. Jasmin thinks everybody will comprehend it now. Jas comes there and performs dhol. Everyone claps seeing the Raavan burning. Jasmin thinks Tejo’s existence Raavan were given simply alive. Jas appears at Tejo angrily. Jas recollects Tejo. Jasmin smiles.

Tejo receives taken aback seeing Jas. Jas kidnaps her. Fateh appears for her. Jas hurts Tejo with the knife.


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