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The Episode begins offevolved with Angad announcing everybody loves you a lot, they’re glad with our engagement, Amrik and Mahi don’t like me at all. Tejo says they determined it properly, perhaps they assume… He says which you and Fateh get together. Fateh appears on. Angad says assume again, I haven’t any trouble with this engagement, this own circle of relatives of yours won’t be given me. Gurpreet calls her out. He stops Tejo and says you’re leaving your maximum valuable aspect right here. Jasmin says she is appearing cheap. Fateh says we also are staying right here with out marriage. Angad says smile, that’s better. Mahi says he appears head over heels in love with Tejo. Simran says I don’t assume Tejo loves him, its now no longer clean to like a person while coronary heart breaks, she desires us to live glad, so she is appearing glad. Angad says if every person asks approximately me, that you don’t understand, then supply me a ignored call, I will let you know.

Tejo is going to Gurpreet and says cross out, I will see all this. Gurpreet says no, I will make meals for my might be son-in-law, inform me what he likes. Tejo says he’s going to like some thing you make, you’ve got got magic for your arms. Nimmo says he may have his choice, you each might have talked a lot, you may understand what he likes and what now no longer. Tejo says of course, I will first see what Gurpreet has prepared. She calls Angad. Nimmo asks her to mention fast. Tejo says I were given an pressing call. Angad says its an imp call. Tejo asks what do you want to consume. He says brain. She turns and sees him. She asks him to mention what he likes. He says karela, some thing you want, I will consume even poison in case you feed it with love. She says Gurpreet is asking. He says you bet it. She says thank you, you have been going to assist such. She is going. He turns and sees Jasmin. She asks how did you meet Tejo, perhaps at academy, however how love happened. Angad says I fell in love at the beginning sight with Tejo while she got here to my office, I didn’t wink until now that she may also disappear.

Tejo says Angad likes all this, mushrooms are his favorite, make paneer and mushroom dish that you usually make. Gurpreet says okay. Jasmin says how did making a decision it in 2-four days. Angad says hearts ought to meet, now no longer days, you understand, in spite of everything you’ve got got fallen in love with Fateh. She says Tejo is my sister, she thinks the whole thing properly, why did she determine this in a hurry. He asks her to invite her sister. Fateh comes and thinks what’s she speakme to Angad. Angad name callings Jasmin. She asks are you announcing this to me. He says I didn’t take your call. He asks Fateh to come, Jasmin talks interestingly. He says I m feeling hungry, come. He is going. Fateh asks her now no longer to do some thing wrong. She says Tejo is my sister, she is getting engaged to a man who she doesn’t understand properly, don’t you discover this extraordinary. Fateh says I divorced Tejo and I m marrying her sister now, what may be extra extraordinary than this. Angad makes Tejo take a seat down at the chair. He asks Fateh to take a seat down. Jasmin thinks I understand Tejo is doing this drama to wreck my marriage, however I received’t allow her do this. Rupy says I understand how Jasmin’s thoughts works, she received’t tolerate Tejo’s engagement going on on her marriage day, she can be able to cross mad in anger. Satti says she is glad that she is marrying Fateh, why will she do this. He says I don’t need any trouble in Tejo’s life.

Angad says wow, appears yummy. Gurpreet says Tejo stated you adore mushrooms, have it. Angad worries. He eats and says amazing. She says have extra. He thinks I m long past today, at the least I may want to have advised Tejo that I actually have an allergic reaction with mushrooms. His belly receives upset. Everyone appears at domestic. Angad says you will have taught this to Tejo, I don’t need my spouse to prepare dinner dinner for me, I want to prepare dinner dinner, however I need a cooking partner, I like competition. Fateh recollects his moments with Tejo. He says Tejo’s arms have magic, I imply she chefs surely correct, some thing we need, she makes it in minutes. Angad says businesswoman with magic fingers, all rounder Tejo ji. Angad says the whole thing is fine. Khushbeer says I went to ee-e book a ceremonial dinner corridor for the engagement, its wedding ceremony season, I will set up through tomorrow. Angad says what are you announcing, what can we need, you’ve got got a huge house, what can we need, only a man and a girl, elders’ blessings, make a few meals aside from mushrooms, we are able to preserve it right here. Bau ji says you’re amazing, you received our coronary heart, engagement and marriage will occur at domestic now. Angad says yes, I will visit washroom and come. He is going. Gurpreet asks Tejo to move and see. Jasmin symptoms and symptoms Fateh and is going from there. He is going to her.

He says we will speak later. She says I received’t marry right here at domestic. He says we will shop money, we’d have long past to Manali or Shimla for honeymoon, however now we will visit Italy or Paris. Jasmin smiles. He says we are able to be going to Canada after marriage, right, that’s our actual motive. She says yes. He says cross and serve the sweetdish, we ought to say way to Angad, that Tejo is leaving from our life. Tejo asks wasn’t the meals correct. Angad says it turned into correct, I m allergic to mushrooms. She says I requested you, you didn’t say, now you’ve got got the fun. He says don’t take mushroom’s call now. She says stop, have the medicines, I noticed your face and understood some thing is wrong. He takes it. He says a spouse ought to be like you. She says we’re appearing. He says I like it, we’re gaining knowledge of every other. They smile. He asks what’s the sweetdish.

He says my fav, Gulab jamuns, Tejo you don’t forget we had it with vanilla icecream that day. Bau ji says even we used to have it. Angad says we also are like you. Fateh says however Tejo doesn’t like Gulab jamun. Tejo says alternatives modifications with time, I like gulab jamun now. She eats it and seems like puking. Angad feeds her the icecream. Fateh and everybody appearance on. Tejo sees Fateh.

Tejo receives espresso. Angad says espresso is amazing. Jasmin says thank you Tejo, Angad praised you a lot, you assert what you want approximately him. Tejo says correct and proper guys like Angad are very rare, he’s the best. Angad and Tejo smile. Jasmin says you purchased to understand him properly in a quick period, oh I forgot that Angad is the 0.33 one for your life. Simran, Mahi and Amrik appearance on. Jasmin name callings Tejo. Fateh appears at Jasmin. Jasmin says Angad ji, why are you surprised, didn’t Tejo let you know which you are her 0.33 might be husband. Angad and Fateh study Tejo.

span style=”color: #ff00ff;”>Precap: Fateh sees Tejo crying and strolling away. He then sees that she got here out of Angad’s car. Later, he is going to Angad and punches him announcing how dare he to make Tejo cry.


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