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The Episode begins offevolved with the Inspector asking Tejo to come, there’s no price on her. Tejo asks what happened, did buyers take the criticism again. Inspector says no, a person else took the blame. Tejo comes out of the lockup. She sees Fateh with the handcuffs. She cries. She asks what did you do and why, did I inform you. He asks what’s the want to say, I recognise its now no longer your mistake, I can’t live silent and die in guilt, I actually have proven the papers to the lawyers, you aren’t my companion withinside the academy, Jasmin is my companion, you aren’t at fault. She says you need to have now no longer performed this, Papa ji’s appreciate is already ruined, in case you visit the prison for fraud, then the own circle of relatives gets extra defamed. He says you’re nevertheless part of Virk own circle of relatives, its higher that I visit prison as a substitute the own circle of relatives’s bahu, the reality is, I m the actual culprit. Tu jo….plays…. He is placed withinside the lockup. Tejo leaves.

Abhiraj says Fateh has standard the crime, he stated he’s the academy owner, Tejo has not anything to do in it. Everyone worries. Jasmin scolds the legal professional. Abhiraj says Fateh took the blame and freed Tejo from the faux case. Jasmin argues. She scolds Tejo and asks why did you ship Fateh to prison. Rupy asks her did she cross mad, depart Tejo. Gurpreet asks Tejo to get Fateh again. Simran hugs her. Tejo says not anything is in my hands. Simran says you realize approximately academy, assist Fateh and produce him out. Khushbeer says Tejo won’t assist him, prison is the proper vicinity for him. Jasmin receives angry.

Khushbeer says Tejo won’t assist Fateh. Dada ji asks Tejo to inform them how can they assist Fateh. Jasmin shouts on Tejo. Tejo says depart my hand, Fateh went to prison due to you, I left the academy months again, you didn’t test accounts, you stopped the payments, I advised you now no longer to spend cash. Jasmin says you realize I can’t deal with accounts, you didn’t assist me, you desired this to appear with Fateh, you need to have come to academy and helped, you usually do what you need. Tejo says I don’t need to head in which I m now no longer valued, you desired to paintings there, you adore him proper, do some thing and get him out, don’t assume that I will assist you, I didn’t ship him to prison and I won’t deliver him out. She apologizes to Gurpreet. Nimmo jokes on Fateh’s arrest.

Tejo is going to the terrace and cries. Ye duniya da mann….plays… She remembers his words. Fateh remembers her words. She thinks Lord, why do you deliver me at this point, in which I don’t recognise to pay attention to me or my own circle of relatives. Satti consoles Gurpreet. Gurpreet says Tejo and Khushbeer don’t need to assist Fateh, who will deliver him out. Rupy asks Khushbeer to assist Fateh. Dada ji asks Lawyer how are we able to get Fateh out. Fateh asks them to go back the cash to the buyers.

Dada ji asks the amount. Lawyer says 1 crore 15 lakhs. Jasmin worries. Jasmin is going to fulfill Fateh. He asks why did you come. She acts and says you ruined the entirety, you won’t get any visa now. He says oh, you continue to take care of the visa. She cries and says no, I take care of you, now no longer the visa, my coronary heart is tensed, what’s going to we do now, legal professional become saying, till we pay off the cash to buyers, you can’t pop out of the prison.

Dada ji asks Khushbeer to deliver Fateh out of the prison. Khushbeer says however how will I get this sort of massive amount, I don’t have lots cash, I m a honest politician, how will I get one crore. Jasmin says you’ll in no way be capable of pop out. Fateh says the entirety may be fine, don’t worry. Khushbeer says there’s simply one manner to shop him, I will loan this residence. Tejo comes and says no…. you won’t do some thing such, how can you believe you studied of it, this residence is the identification and appreciate of Virk own circle of relatives.

Jasmin asks why do you usually shop Tejo and cowl her mistakes, do you continue to love her, inform me the reality. He says I actually have standard my mistake, its now no longer her mistake, this academy can’t paintings with out Tejo. She asks what’s going to you do now. Tejo says I gets Fateh out of the prison, provide me in the future time, I ought to provide an explanation for the buyers. Khushbeer says they simply need their cash again. She says I will nevertheless speak to them, we can’t lose with out fighting, I consider Matarani, she can be able to assist us like usually. Gurpreet nods.

Jasmin says how shall I get Fateh out, I desired Tejo to head away, what’s taking place with me. She sees a female taken via way of means of the police. She sees Jas’ mum. She hides and sees Jas coming. She remembers Jas. Jas greets his mum and asks her now no longer to worry, legal professional is soliciting for massive amount. She says I took the blame on myself to shop you, get me out of here. Jas says provide me a few time, I will take you out of here. Jas is going. Jasmin says now I apprehend how he’s roaming freely. Jas leaves in an auto. She follows him withinside the car. She asks driving force to power faster.

Tejo talks to the investor. She says buyers are prepared to fulfill me, I ought to make a 6 month earnings plan prepared, they could take the criticism again on its basis. Khushbeer says great, its feasible due to you. She is going to make the presentation. He asks Gurpreet to see, Tejo will unfastened Fateh, Jasmin is egocentric and opportunistic. Jas reaches home. She says Jas’ residence, he may be beneficial to me, however how. She thinks.

Tejo says I ought to cross for a assembly with buyers, pray that the entirety is going fine. Gurpreet says I will maintain the bhog while Fateh comes again. Tejo meets the buyers. She is going to reveal the papers to Fateh. She says that is their condition.


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