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The Episode begins offevolved with Khushbeer announcing we’ve got to speak to you. Angad asks them to have lassi. He jokes. Khushbeer says we got here for a few imp work. Rupy says we got here to speak approximately an alliance. Angad asks what alliance. Rupy folds fingers and says not anything is imp for a dad than his daughter’s happiness. Angad says that’s proper, why are you telling this to me. Khushbeer says we were given Tejo’s alliance for you, we need Tejo and your marriage to happen.

Angad recollects… Tejo says there’s no stress on you, assume and solution its okay. She appears for Angad. She calls him out. Angad lies at the floor and does her aarti, calling her Tejo Mata. She asks what are you doing. He says you’re a Devi, Tejo Mata, the actual hassle shooter. She says please prevent it, can’t you get serious. He says I understood, what’s this nonsense, why do you supply away your happiness for others, what’s the want for this. She says I m such, you could name it production defect, I m prepared to do something for my own circle of relatives.

He says even though all and sundry has harm you plenty and snatched your the entirety. She asks how do you realize me so well. He says production defect, I can peek into hearts and apprehend all and sundry’s lifestyles circumstances. She says I don’t need to peer all and sundry in ache, I can tolerate that, one can’t begin a brand new lifestyles with out elders blessings, I need all of the own circle of relatives participants to be part of Fateh and Jasmin’s marriage, I simply ought to play this drama. He asks how will you finish this. She says we are able to get engaged, then we are able to inform them that we didn’t recognize every different well. He says you idea of the entirety, you’re sharp.

She says I didn’t discover some other manner so I got here to you. He says plan is suitable, however risky, like me. She asks what do you mean. He says if I say sure after which don’t say no, if I sincerely marry you. She says you do suitable acting, persuade Khushbeer and Rupy with such excessive eyes, please will you assist me. FB ends.

Angad appears at them. Gurpreet comes home. She thinks if Angad says sure. Her dupatta comes beneathneath her foot. She falls down. Fateh and Mahi preserve her and ask is she fine. Mahi asks in which did you go. Gurpreet recollects Tejo. He asks what’s the problem. She says I will extrade and come. He thinks what’s the problem she isn’t telling. She thinks my son didn’t supply something to Tejo than sorrow, who is aware of Angad offers her all of the happiness. Tejo chefs food. She thinks what’s going to be Angad’s reply.

Bebe prays for Tejo. Khushbeer and Rupy come. Bebe asks what happened. Khushbeer says we attempted to persuade him, however he didn’t agree. Tejo thinks my asking for changed into wrong. Satti asks them to inform the whole matter. Tejo says depart it, I don’t have any complains, I m satisfied. Khushbeer and Rupy begin laughing. Khushbeer says we also are satisfied.

Rupy says Angad stated sure. FB indicates Angad asking them to now no longer fold fingers, parents’ hand appearance suitable after they bless the children. He says its my sure, Tejo is a diamond, I m a clever businessman, I can’t refuse to this kind of treasured element. FB ends. Khushbeer says he is aware of your worth. Satti hugs Tejo. Tejo thinks thank God, there can be no hassle in Fateh’s marriage.

Jasmin involves Fateh and asks approximately the orchids order. He says few human beings are coming, mandap is likewise small, we are able to do the entirety your manner, I m already making plans a huge wonder for you. She says how sweet, what’s it, you won’t say, depart it, try and apprehend, include me and ask the person to get one thousand flowers. Fateh hears Rajat speakme approximately Angad’s engagement. Fateh thinks is it with Tejo, no.

Biji, Simran and everybody communicate approximately Tejo. Nimmo asks Mahi to get ordinary to name Jasmin as Bhabhi. Mahi says no, Tejo can be my Bhabhi usually. Khushbeer says Tejo will hold touring us, be satisfied that she agreed. Gurpreet asks why do you’ve got got tears to your eyes. He says its tears of happiness, I need her to live satisfied. Jasmin and Fateh come. Khushbeer says I spoke to Rupy, we are able to do Tejo and Angad’s engagement arrangements, Gurpreet you cope with it.

Fateh thinks Tejo and Angad’s engagement. Khushbeer consoles Biji. Gurpreet says Nimmo, we are able to see the menu for dinner, come. Nimmo says supply them the best news. She is going to Jasmin and says Angad and Tejo have become engaged in your wedding ceremony day, equal date, equal venue. Fateh says its suitable. Gurpreet says sure, any other suitable element is, we are able to be attending your marriage. He asks sincerely.

Simran says sure, Tejo saved this circumstance in the front of dad, all of us will attend your marriage if her engagement occurs in your wedding ceremony day, equal place, sane time. Biji says Fateh, Tejo nevertheless thinks of your betterment. Jasmin receives angry. She says however we’ve got booked a dinner party hall. Khushbeer says if feature occurs on the equal place, then Sandhu own circle of relatives and we are able to come, else we won’t come. Fateh says its an amazing element which you all can come to bless us, simply this subjects to us, proper Jasmin. She smiles.

She is going out of the residence and throws the table. She says Tejo observed a brand new manner to burn my lifestyles, she trapped a wealthy guy and need to get engaged in my mandap, however why is she doing this, does she need to grab my Fateh, if this occurs, then what’s going to I do. Angad and Fateh shake fingers. Fateh says congrats, you men can be outstanding together. Angad says indeed, I sense a touch horrific, Tejo changed into your spouse earlier than and now she goes to be my spouse, you’ll be feeling horrific too. Fateh says no, I m satisfied that she selected a lifestyles accomplice like you, we’ve got not anything left among us, I m satisfied, you could supply her the entirety which I couldn’t. Angad says I can see the ache of dropping something.

Fateh says Tejo changed into my high-quality friend, someone usually regrets to lose his high-quality friend. Angad says I m satisfied for that which you have a person which who you could percentage each ache, you don’t have any tough emotions for Tejo. Fateh says I actually have a few pressing work. He leaves. Angad says dil diyan gallan, its suitable, they’re satisfied on their very own paths. Rajat asks Tejo to have sweets. He says I m very satisfied for Angad, you got here in his lifestyles, I m sincerely satisfied for each of you. He sees Fateh and leaves. Fateh involves Tejo. He says congratulations. She turns away. He recollects their marriage and moments.

Precap: Tejo asks Angad isn’t he taking this drama too seriously? He says, I supply 100% to something I do… whether or not it’s love drama or love in actual. Tejo appears on. Later, they attain home. Angad asks Tejo to preserve his hand. She does. Fateh appears on.


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