Udaariyaan 15th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts with jasmin hugging the shirt. Tejo calls her out. Jasmin rushes to place the shirt on the hook. It falls on the laundry bag. She comes out of the toilet. Tejo asks what took place. Jasmin says we can cross, all of the old memories, you selected the whole thing, i had told you, anything occurs is good, the entirety here is of your preference right here. Tejo says no, the whole thing isn’t of my choice. Jasmin smiles. She asks why are you pronouncing this, everything gets first-rate, time heals the whole thing. Tejo asks are you pronouncing this out of your heart. Jasmin says sure, i want to peer you and fateh happy.

Tejo says i’m able to trade and come, if aunty and machi comes…. Jasmin says i’m able to wait outside the residence. She goes out and greets amrik.

Amrik says you right here. She says don’t fear, there’s nobody at home, i got here home to take tejo, we are going for buying. He says father and mother would have were given irritated seeing you. She says my own family is likewise irritated, i m marrying gippy to break out from every body, even though i m no longer satisfied, all of us could be satisfied, i don’t have any different manner, just send me the dj wide variety. He says i’m able to do. She leaves smiling. Fateh asks tejo to give him food. Amrik says tejo isn’t at domestic, she went on shopping with jasmin.

Fateh asks gurpreet to offer him meals. Amrik claps and says you are so cool. Fateh asks what’s your trouble. Amrik says not anything, did you do whatever, i was thinking if jasmin got here right here as your spouse. Fateh says don’t take her call.

Amrik says its my want, you could deceive others, but not your self, stop this performing, you still love her a lot. Fateh asks why do you take her side. Amrik says you married tejo and moved on, however she couldn’t move on, she is marrying a person she doesn’t realize, she is marrying on your sake, she wants you and your wife to live happy. Fateh recollects jasmin. He sees his blouse fallen. He selections it.

He feels jasmin’s fragrance from it. He cries. He recollects their moments. He receives indignant and places the blouse in the cupboard. He cries deliberating her. He unblocks jasmin’s touch. He receives her message. Jasmin gets notification. She thinks yes, fateh has unblocked me.

She says gippy sends humorous jokes. Fateh says what’s taking place to me, why can’t i manage myself, why is jasmin affecting me. Jasmin says fateh is coming again to me. Tejo asks did you assert some thing. Jasmin says i m very satisfied these days.

Tejo says fateh and that i are happy for you. Fateh recollects tejo’s words. He blocks jasmin’s contact again. He says out of sight, out of thoughts.

Tejo says we can pass domestic. Jasmin says we are able to shop more. Tejo is going to buy bangles. Jasmin assessments if fateh’s message has come. Fateh calls tejo.

He asks is purchasing over. She says almost, why. He asks in which are you. She says it will take some time, did you have meals. He says i m no longer at domestic, i have come to the market to select you. She asks absolutely. He asks can’t i come. She says you already know i m with jasmin. He says so what, its no longer a criminal offense to select up spouse. She asks wherein are you. He says parking.

She says i m coming. Jasmin asks why are you blushing. Tejo says not anything, come. Fateh sees tejo and jasmin coming. Jasmin sees him. Jasmin sees fateh. He smiles and goes to tejo. Jasmin gives the shopping bags to him. He receives away. He is taking tejo’s shopping luggage.

Jasmin says this is also tejo’s bag. Tejo says we have to maintain all bags in the vehicle, we are able to drop you, proper fateh. He says of course, we received’t go away her right here. Jasmin says no need to fear, gippy is coming to select me, he has come. Gippy comes in his car. Fateh receives irritated. Jasmin smiles and signs gippy to come back. Gippy greets jasmin and holds her. He greets tejo and fateh.

He asks done together with your shopping. Jasmin says sure, i bought many stuff for you. Tejo asks fateh to return. Jasmin is going with gippy. Fateh sees jasmin. Tejo talks to him. He nods to tejo. He seems at jasmin hugging gippy. Jasmin sees fateh watching them.

Precap could be brought later


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