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The Episode begins offevolved with Tejo announcing provide a while to Simran, she can be able to inform the whole thing, simply promise me, you won’t misunderstand her, you won’t get disillusioned, she has lived with troubles, while glad days have come, you then definately simply provide her courage. Simran says sorry Papa ji, I actually have harm your coronary heart and were given punished. Gurpreet says Simran turned into his fav, his first Kanjak, as soon as he recalls the vintage times.. Tejo says he’ll remember, its a relation of coronary heart. Khushbeer says you didn’t recognize a dad’s love, you didn’t take care of me or this family’s pride, daughters aren’t like you, they may be like Tejo, she will do whatever for the sort of residence in which she receives insulted and troubled, I m disillusioned with her, however she did her duty, she made me proud, she fulfilled a mum’s wish, in contrast to you, you’re selfish, you don’t take care of parents’ love and family’s pride. Tejo says you maintain the bhog these days, your Kanjak has come returned. Gurpreet says you need to promise me first. Tejo says promise. Gurpreet says you’ll name me mummy ji from these days, now no longer aunty ji. Tejo nods and hugs her. They cry. Gurpreet says I actually have 3 daughters from these days, you’ll maintain bhog these days.

Khushbeer says I actually have daughters six years returned or even these days I actually have , Tejo and Mahi, those tears can have an effect on your mum, now no longer me, I actually have will let you live right here due to Candy, he’s my blood, I don’t need him to get punished in your deeds, I will by no means forgive you. He asks her to go away. Simran cries and is going.

Tejo continues the bhog. Everyone prays. Simran comes running. They ask what happened. Simran says dad didn’t forgive me, he’s nonetheless disillusioned. Tejo says he’s aggravated with me additionally, he’ll forgive us. Simran says he’ll forgive you, now no longer me, I m now no longer an excellent daughter like you. Fateh comes and asks what happened. Gurpreet says she is hurting her coronary heart due to your dad’s phrases. Fateh symptoms and symptoms Mahi and Amrik. They nod. Fateh asks why, you simply take care of dad. Mahi says its no time for tears, its time for cheers. They all hug, bounce and sing. Mahi pulls Tejo with them. Simran smiles. Tejo and Fateh study every other. Jasmin seems on from far. Tejo makes Fateh’s hand away. Jasmin is going to the room and thinks I will make Tejo out of this residence, I swear. She throws the cushions. She solutions an investor’s name on Fateh’s telecellsmartphone.

She says yes, Tejo Virk speaking, you return back to the academy withinside the morning. She ends name and says I actually have completed preparations for you. Its morning, Jasmin asks what, Tejo known as you right here, she didn’t make bills, I m new right here. The guy shouts and says I actually have invested on this academy, I need my bills. She suggests the report and says not anything is completed, profits tax is likewise now no longer paid, I can see simply one day. The guy asks what way.

Tejo says see what I were given for the Kanjaks and boys. Gurpreet says now we’ve a boy in our residence, Candy. Simran says he’s excited to look all this. Biji says his Mami is there to train him the whole thing and make him variety one. Tejo says I m now no longer his Mami, however I can end up his Maasi. Nimmo says Jasmin has messed our lives and family members additionally, in which is she. Mahi says perhaps she has long gone to the academy, I noticed her leaving. Nimmo says she is lazy, she went to academy while we requested her to make breakfast. Jasmin says Tejo handles all of the work, she is Fateh’s wife, you could test the files, it simply has Tejo’s signatures. The guy remembers Fateh’s phrases and leaves.

Police involves Khushbeer’s residence and greets. Inspector says name Tejo Virk. Everyone seems on. Khushbeer asks what happened. Inspector says we’ve an arrest warrant on her name. They get shocked. Khushbeer asks have you ever misplaced your mind, you’re status in my residence. Tejo is my bahu, daughter and recognize, she won’t pass anywhere. Biji asks what did she do. Inspector says she has taken bills for the academy, she didn’t go back the cash and additionally didn’t provide the share. Gurpreet says she will’t do this. Inspector says the those who invested withinside the academy, they’ve filed a FIR, we should take her to the court, we’ve a warrant. Khushbeer argues. Tejo says don’t get angry, you’re already unwell, allow them to do their duty, traders have a misunderstanding, however I should pass. She is dragged with the aid of using the female police officer. Everyone worries. Tejo is taken with the aid of using the police.

Khushbeer calls someone. Jasmin says Tejo might be arrested, I don’t need Fateh to understand whatever, she have to live in jail. Fateh seems for his telecellsmartphone. She hides the telecellsmartphone withinside the laptop. She asks him to smile. He says I m doing my work. She asks approximately their Canada plan. Khushbeer says Fateh’s telecellsmartphone isn’t reachable, Tejo is bearing the punishment for Fateh and Jasmin’s carelessness, don’t understand in which is he. Fateh says you understand, not anything can occur till six months, till I get divorced, go away this, locate my telecellsmartphone. Peon comes and offers a telecellsmartphone. He says its a name for you. Fateh asks what, police arrested Tejo due to academy work. Jasmin asks in which are you going, Tejo used to address academy before, she might have completed something. He asks her to close up. He is going. She says this time, its now no longer for your fingers to shop Tejo.

Inspector asks Khushbeer to move domestic, they may speak as soon as his legal professional comes. Khushbeer asks how are you going to arrest an harmless person. Simran consoles Gurpreet. She says Tejo is brave. Abhiraj, Rupy and Satti come and ask Khushbeer what’s going on, if academy is of him, what’s Tejo doing in jail. Fateh and Jasmin come. Fateh says don’t worry, I will pass and see, Papa pass domestic and take rest. He is going inside. Abhiraj stops Jasmin from going inside. Rupy asks did you do this, inform me. Tejo is in lockup. Fateh talks to the inspector. Jasmin says you continually blame me, I don’t understand the accounts, Tejo used to address it, my maths is poor, Tejo may be incorrect sometimes. Khushbeer seems on. His legal professional comes. Khushbeer says do whatever, get Tejo’s bail completed, my daughter is in jail.

Lawyer is going to satisfy inspector. Gurpreet and Biji pray for Tejo. Khushbeer comes domestic with Rupy and Satti. Gurpreet asks will Tejo come returned. Satti says we have to pray to Matarani to shop Tejo. Jasmin smiles and thinks pray as lots as you need. Tejo will live in jail, farfar from my life.

Precap could be delivered later.


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