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The Episode begins offevolved with Tejo asking Khushbeer to just accept the residence Laxmi. Khushbeer says you observed I will forgive her, no, by no means, this can’t happen, I will by no means forgive her, and by no means receive her child. Jasmin smiles. Everyone cries. Jasmin asks what did you do Tejo, you’ve got got concealed a huge issue from uncle ji, you lied and taken Candy domestic. Tejo says you don’t get in between. Khushbeer says she is right, I seemed you a daughter, you’ve got got made amusing of my love. Tejo holds his arms and says its now no longer like that, yes, I were given Candy domestic questioning blood will discover blood, a daughter gets her love and own circle of relatives’s love, what incorrect did I do, if I instructed this before, then you definitely might have now no longer permit this connection form, I simply desired you to sense that attachment. Fateh says Tejo is announcing right, concentrate to her once. Jasmin asks did you cross mad, how are you going to help a lie. He says close up. Jasmin says she did this intentionally, its her scheme to deliver Candy and forestall him right here at night, see you depended on her and what she did with you all. Rupy receives angry.

Satti stops him. Jasmin scoffs Tejo. Fateh asks him to now no longer say something if she doesn’t realize. Gurpreet says you forgive Simran, I beg you. Dada ji and Biji additionally ask him to forgive Simran. Fateh says Simran is that this residence’s daughter, now Candy is likewise right here. Jasmin says why is anybody after uncle ji, ask Tejo why did she lie approximately Candy that he’s her colleague’s son, don’t realize what pinnacle mystery she is hiding approximately Simran and Candy. Tejo asks what nonsense. Jasmin says I m announcing the truth, you’re asking me to get quiet. Tejo slaps her. She scolds her.

She asks Jasmin to have shame, anybody is making an attempt to persuade uncle ji, you’re elevating a query on Candy’s identity, he’s Simran’s son, understood. She says uncle ji… Khushbeer says like you purchased her right here, take her back. Jasmin smiles. Tejo cries and asks Simran to come. She says you have been right, there’s no vicinity for you, neither on this residence nor in anyone’s hearts. She asks Candy to come, he has no person right here. Candy says no, I need to live with Nana ji. Tejo takes him. Gurpreet cries and says forestall him. Amrik says please forestall them. Fateh says forestall Candy. Candy leaves Tejo’s hand and runs to Khushbeer. Koi apna …..plays…. Candy asks what came about, are you dissatisfied with me. He holds his ears and says I m sorry, communicate to me, will you by no means communicate to me. They all cry. Tejo says Candy, your Nana ji is dissatisfied with you, he’s going to by no means communicate to you, come back. She cries. Candy says Nana ji….

Khushbeer cries. He holds Candy’s hand. Candy smiles. Everyone appears on. Khushbeer sits down and says I m now no longer dissatisfied with you, you may live on this residence with me, this residence is yours, you could live right here forever. Candy asks how will I stay right here with out mum. Khushbeer says who stated that. Candy says you mean, mumma will even live right here. Khushbeer says yes. He hugs Candy. Everyone thankfully cries.

Khushbeer says now take Matarani’s blessings. Fateh appears at Tejo. Khushbeer takes Candy with him. Everyone hugs Simran and takes her. Rupy says now I understand, this became your imp paintings, you made me proud again. Rupy and Satti hug Tejo. Fateh appears on. Simran does the aarti with Gurpreet. Gurpreet makes Tejo and Fateh do the aarti. Jasmin stands away and makes a face.

Fateh comes and asks can I come in, I got here to thanks, you probably did what no person could, thanks so much. Tejo says its okay, I did this for the own circle of relatives, now no longer you, they’ve constantly supported me, I can try this for them, I had promised aunty ji that I will deliver Simran back, I needed to satisfy that promise. He says I need to inform you thanks, I want I didn’t harm your heart, the scenario became special that time, I m genuinely sorry. She says I m feeling sleepy, you cross. He is going. She shuts the door. She cries and thinks my paintings right here has ended, I must persuade the choose to unfastened me from the six months condition, I shall depart then. Jasmin asks why did you visit her room constantly. He says I simply went to thank her. She argues with him. He says I might be grateful to her all existence for what you probably did, what’s your problem, anybody is satisfied, simply you’re making a face, my sister got here domestic after 6 years, don’t you like Candy, I couldn’t emerge as an amazing brother, however I m very satisfied with Simran’s coming, I won’t listen something towards her. He is going. Its morning, Tejo is cooking food. Gurpreet hugs her and thanks. She says you fulfilled your promise. Tejo says you don’t thank me, Simran has come back, she can be able to live right here, you ought to simply have tears of happiness, pray that Khushbeer additionally accepts Simran. Simran involves Khushbeer and says Papa ji…. I m very satisfied, you’ve got got familiar Candy and saved him domestic, he used to overlook own circle of relatives a lot, you’ve got got given him a own circle of relatives. Gurpreet says I don’t realize what had came about with Simran, why did Amanpreet depart her. Tejo remembers Simran’s words.

Precap: Jasmin talks to a person on phone. After disconnecting, she says, I did your arrangement, Tejo. Jasmin is with Fateh while Fateh receives a name announcing Tejo is arrested. He is going to police station. Jasmin says, you won’t be capable of do something, Fateh. Tejo will must live in police station for a few time.


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