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The Episode begins offevolved with a person arguing with Tejo on the academy. He asks for his cash refund. Angad comes and pushes him. He asks him to live away, examine manners and come. The guy asks who’re you, I paid the cash. Angad says I m the partner, you paid the costs on your vain son to come to be capable, get out. The guy says I will see you. He goes.

Angad asks are you fine. Tejo says you watched I m a female so I want your safety and help, what become the want to speak in between, I become speakme. He says I actually have harm you, sorry, however I m like that, I can’t manage my mood if all people talks to a female like this, for that I m now no longer sorry. She murmurs your such movements make Khushbeer and Rupy assume so. Angad asks did you are saying anything. He goes.

Rupy says don’t get disheartened, its Lord’s wish, I knew Tejo won’t agree. Khushbeer says sure, she desires time to overlook things, I desired her to live happy, and Fateh to recognise his mistake. Rupy says its your greatness which you assume a whole lot for her. Khushbeer says she is my daughter additionally, Fateh and Jasmin have become married, we aren’t capable of do anything. They pray.

Tejo sees Jasmin with Fateh. She hears them speakme approximately their marriage. She says I recognize you need all our own circle of relatives contributors to are available in our marriage. He says its their decision, we adore every other, its sufficient for us, we’ve got made everybody farfar from us, we broke hearts of many people, we are able to get punished for it. They hug. Tejo seems on. Tejo is at the way. She thinks of Fateh and own circle of relatives’s words. She stops the scooty. She sees the pigeons. She thinks chook is out of the cage, however I must get the cage out of the chook, fly Tejo, fly… She sees the pigeons flying. She additionally widens her palms and says I m unfastened like those birds now. She cries.

Angad sees Tejo coming. He says I can’t consider my eyes. He jokes. She asks for a tumbler of water. He says sure. She takes it herself and drinks. He asks is the entirety okay, own circle of relatives, Fateh, Fateh’s own circle of relatives, did that scholar’s dad do anything. She holds his hand and stops. She says supply me a risk to speak. He sits and says I were given close up, scholar were given scolded through the teacher. She says depend is extreme and peculiar additionally, how shall I say. He says say it through your mouth, I will understand, my ears are asking you to mention it. She says its imp for me. He says then its imp for me additionally.

She asks why, who’re you to me. He says I m your partner, your hassle is mine. She says this hassle is personal, now no longer of business. He says once I put money into anything, then I make investments completely. She asks will you make investments your existence, will you marry me. He seems at her and asks marriage with you? She says my response become additionally the identical whilst Khushbeer and Rupy stored this notion in the front of me. He laughs and says so that you have been gambling fast hearthplace with me, what did you are saying, did you are saying sure. She says no, how can I say sure. He says then you definitely stated no, depend ends. She says however I need to mention sure now. He asks what, you and me, did you want me. She says no, I imply I such as you as someone, however its approximately my own circle of relatives. He asks what do you imply.

Tejo calls out Rupy and Satti. Rupy says you made a lot of these things. She says sure, I m happy, have your fav pakoras, in addition they like it. He asks who. Khushbeer and Gurpreet come. Tejo says I known as them to have a communicate over tea. Khushbeer asks why did you name us. Tejo says you bought an offer for me, I concept approximately it. She says Khushbeer and Rupy need me to marry Angad, I assume they’re right, its time I circulate on in existence, Angad is surely an excellent person, perhaps he likes me,

you could communicate to him, if he thinks the identical, then I… Rupy asks will you pay attention to us. She says sure, its my sure. Tejo says however, I actually have a condition. Rupy asks what. Khushbeer says say it, we be given it. Tejo says I won’t marry even after Angad says sure, till you all conform to visit Fateh and Jasmin’s marriage and bless them. He asks what’s this condition. She says you desired me to settle earlier than their marriage, I agreed, you furthermore may agree now.

Rupy says its now no longer justified. She says in case you don’t agree, then overlook it, I won’t marry. Satti says be given her condition, Tejo’s happiness can prevent due to our rigidity. Khushbeer says fine, we be given your condition, however I even have a condition, you need all people to wait their marriage, you need to get engaged to Angad, identical day, identical place.

Gurpreet asks what are you saying. He says I will come there on your sake, and bless the ones two. She says I be given, however simply engagement, I want time for marriage. Rupy says fine, we aren’t in a hurry. Khushbeer says thanks, you’ve got got us a huge happiness today. He asks for sweets. Tejo feeds him sweets. He blesses her. She says I need you to invite Angad once. Rupy says you agreed, he’s going to additionally agree. Khushbeer says we are able to communicate to him. They leave. FB suggests Angad says you need to marry someone who you don’t even recognize, for the sake of your ex-husband and egocentric sister, surely.

Tejo says sure. He asks what’s this, I ought to clap. She says I recognize, it is going to be a faux marriage. He asks how is it done, what do you need. She says I need your help, fake and make Khushbeer and Rupy consider that we’re happy, then Fateh and Jasmin’s new existence can begin well. He says faux marriage, it method what doesn’t exist will show up and what exists will by no means show up, you absolutely imply it, right. She says sure. FB ends.

Precap might be brought later


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