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The episode begins with tejo arranging jasmin’s garments. Jasmin hugs her and says you didn’t teach me whatever before. Tejo says you study the entirety now, you have to do all the work your self. Jasmin says gippy requested us to just revel in there, i won’t have any work there, spend time with me, stop the paintings now. Satti asks them to have panjeri with tea. Tejo says i have to cross now, i m getting late. Jasmin asks are you not staying lower back. Tejo says no. Jasmin says stay back, we won’t get a risk again. Satti says i recognise sasural family won’t adore it, tejo you can cross, what will fateh think.

Tejo says fateh isn’t such, we’re buddies, i can talk to him. Jasmin asks do you need permission in friendship. Tejo says no, but its imp to inform. Satti says sure. Fateh says we got an investor’s affirmation for our academy. Every person congratulates fateh. Fateh says credit score is going to tejo, she labored tough, i can display the mail to her. Gurpreet says she went to her maayka, she doesn’t question me. Biji says she asked me, her mum had known as me, gurpreet didn’t answer her call. Khushbeer asks gurpreet to make some candies, academy will begin day after today. Fateh gets tejo’s name. He says you’ll die antique, i used to be simply contemplating you. Tejo asks had been you lacking me. He says yes. Jasmin and satti pay attention the talks. Tejo says i was thinking to stay here. Fateh says i will come to pick out you. She says i’m able to spend a while with jasmin. He says her marriage isn’t tomorrow, investor has showed, come fast, we are able to discuss the plans, i got habitual to you. Tejo smiles. Fateh says residence will experience empty without you, just like my mind. Tejo asks did you without a doubt get ordinary to me. He says sure, please come, our recurring will ruin. Jasmin receives indignant. He says i will pass over you a lot, will you leave out me. Tejo smiles. He says say sure fateh, i will miss you. Tejo says mum is status close.

Satti smiles. Fateh says simply say it, tejo. Tejo says sure, i can additionally leave out you. Jasmin tears her dupatta in anger. Fateh says i’m able to leave out you, my alarm clock. Tejo asks so shall i live back here. Fateh says nice, revel in with own family. She thanks him. He ends name. Satti asks tejo did she talk to fateh. Tejo nods. Satti says you’re satisfied right, tejo is staying again. Jasmin says sure, very satisfied, i wanted this, we are able to experience loads, i will go to bebe, she is making kheer for you. She hugs tejo. Jasmin goes and talks to her pal. She says i can prove it that things are normal, then tejo and fateh will preserve coming, fateh can also be mad for me. Amrik and mahi talk to simran. Simran asks for tejo. Amrik says i will’t be given tejo as bhabhi, jasmin was higher, fateh had love for jasmin, i don’t assume fateh can love all people, jasmin is getting married, she will be able to reach canada, she had proposed her might be husband in filmi fashion, fateh cheated jasmin and broke her heart, she didn’t cheat him. Mahi fights with amrik. She says jasmin is so selfish. Amrik says you don’t recognise something. Fateh appears on and shouts shut up. He says don’t take jasmin’s name on this residence, she turned into my beyond, tejo is my destiny.

Tejo spends time with own family. Mami name callings jasmin. She asks what’s taking place. Jasmin asks her to do a job in cbi. She goes. She serves the meals to tejo. Jasmin says i can feed tejo these days. Satti worries. Mami says i can’t apprehend jasmin, she is wondering something, it’ll soon come out. Satti prays. Tejo dances with the own family. She thinks of fateh. Jasmin says i didn’t assume that you’ll forgive me. Tejo says i m very satisfied these days. She misses fateh. Fateh asks tejo for his tshirt. He says i truly were given habitual to her. He calls tejo. He asks for his blue tshirt. She says i keep all the night time fits within the cabinet, blue night time suit will come day after today, put on anything else. He says i had to wear this. She says don’t behave like kids. He says i have to ask you, i can’t live with out you. Tejo asks simply. They chortle. Jasmin receives indignant. He says come quickly day after today. Jasmin and tejo lie right down to sleep. They think of fateh. Jasmin says i certainly assume that i made a massive mistake in existence via leaving fateh. Tejo appears at her.

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