Uber Free Ride Offer: Those who want to book an Uber car for free must go for the corona vaccine. This means that the company is offering a free ride for those who go to get the corona vaccine. Uber announced that it had decided to do its part to help the vaccination drive.


Uber Free Ride Offer

He said that the poor and vulnerable could go to the Uber car to get the Kovid-19 vaccine for free. But there is a process. You need to book the car in advance. Also ride up to Rs.50 is only available for free. It is possible to get a free ride by registering through the Kovid app. Rs. Uber India and South Asia President Prabhujeet Singh said in a statement that they will provide free rides worth Rs 10 crore. Of this, up to Rs 50 lakh has been earmarked for senior citizens. Uber will work with governments for this. However, he said the decision was taken to appease senior citizens. Everyone mentioned taking the corona vaccine. The Center is working hard to eradicate the corona epidemic.

Meanwhile, in August 2020 Uber‌ helped a lot by providing free meals to the hungry. Now Corona stands as their bastard by providing free travel to senior citizens in the case of vaccination. It has already provided free transport to frontline workers and volunteers of various state governments.

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