UAFU Lucknow: The fifth convocation of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Bhasha University will be held on 1 March. Maryam Hafeez will get four gold medals in this. BA Honors Arabic student Maryam Hafeez will be given the most four gold medals, including the Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Medal, Chancellor Medal, Faculty and Department Gold Medal. In addition, Rashid Khurshid Ahmed, a student of BA Honors Arabic, will be awarded the Vice Chancellor Gold Medal. At the same time, Mohit Yadav in B.Ed in Faculty, Anurag Kumar in BBA, Sneha Singh in BCA, Khubeb Ahsan in MA, Roshni Sinha in MBA, Abhishek Kumar Gautam of MA will be awarded Gold Medal. In the convocation, 482 students will be given degrees and 75 students will be given 85 medals. BA Hons Arabica student Maryam Hafeez will be awarded the Khwaja Moinudeen Chishti Medal and Chancellor Medal.

The program will be chaired by the Governor and Chancellor Anandiben Patel. Ashok Chakradhar will be present as the chief guest. Those who will also be given honorary delit degrees from the university. This information was given by University spokesperson Tanu Dung.

Maryam Hafeez, who received four gold medals , is the key to success in regular studies , says that regular studies are the key to success. Looking at the hours, there is no benefit from reading, whoever reads the mind, read it diligently. Trust your teacher. The teacher must teach and come home and read it. Maryam Hafeez did high school from Saudi Arabia. At the same time, he did the Inter Madrasa Board from Jaunpur. She wants to become a teacher by doing B.Ed. Father Dr. Anwar Hussain is in the business of medicine.


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