Type-1 diabetes can also develop during a baby’s pregnancy. Researchers at the UK-based Exeter University have made this claim based on their recent study. It was earlier believed that this disease caused by hyperactivity of the immune system only emerges after the child is over the age of six months.

According to lead researcher Dr. Elizabeth Robertson, resistance cells in type-1 diabetes attack and destroy the beta cells that produce insulin. This causes insulin in the body and blood sugar levels start to become uncontrollable. To control blood sugar, the patient has to take insulin injections.

Recent studies have shown that type-1 diabetes can develop even before the baby is born. This study will help in finding measures for prevention of the disease by gaining a deeper understanding of the disorders of the immune system and development of type-1 diabetes. 

Robertson and his colleagues analyzed the genetic structure of 400 children with type-1 diabetes. During this time it was found that at birth many babies were underweight. The reason for the decrease in insulin production was found to be responsible for the crawling.

According to Robertson, insulin is one of the key hormones for fetal development. However, in infants whose immune cells become hyperactive, insulin is not produced in sufficient amounts. This makes them lag behind in terms of physical development. The results of the study have been published in a recent issue of the journal Diabetes.

Two types of diabetes- 
Type-1 diabetes: It is not able to produce pancreatic insulin, need to take insulin via injection, type-1 diabetes is usually congenital
-type-2 diabetes: It has either Pancreas does not produce sufficient amounts of insulin or its ability to use is weakened, obesity and poor lifestyle are the main reasons

It is therefore important that
insulin-insulin is an important hormone produced in the pancreas, which helps to prevent obesity and diabetes by converting glucose into energy.

Negligence will prove to be fatal – the
risk of death due to heart attack, kidney failure and limb loss as well as heart attack and stroke increases when blood sugar is uncontrolled.

Epidemic disease –
46.3 million global population is estimated to be suffering from diabetes – 78 million
patients in Southeast Asia, including 7.7 million Indians –
More than 25% of patients are unaware of the news of their own disease –
diabetes can reach 70 million Patient data up to 2045
(Source: International Diabetes Association’s 2019 report.)

Insulin deficiency
-08 million diabetes patients needing to take insulin is projected to
increase by 20% by 2030.-As demand for insulin in Asia-Africa-31
million diabetes patients currently does not have access to insulin Is worldwide


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