Two unmatched songs, four even more unique actresses' dance, some made Pinga and Dola re songs

It is said that cinema is a mirror of society and songs are an unbreakable part of Hindi cinema. If songs are removed from Indian cinema, then it will become really dull. Because songs not only make it entertaining but also add life to it. Although there are one of the best songs in Hindi films, but today we are going to talk about two special songs. One is Pinga of Bajirao Mastani and the other is Dola Ray of Devdas. We are talking about them because they are not merely songs, but represent two cultures, two traditions. These two unmatched songs were made so special by four amazing actresses that they are still humming a lot.

Dola Ray filmed on Madhuri and Aishwarya

This song by Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai starrer Devdas was also a hit in 2002, was a hit in 2012 and is going to be a hit in the coming 2022 as well. Because the specialty of this song is its filming. The way the song was filmed is truly praiseworthy. A great song, gorgeous set, strong choreography and the best dance of two of the industry’s most beautiful actresses on it. The result was the song being a hit. According to media reports, it is one of the most expensive songs. For which crores of rupees were spent. Once again see the grandeur of this song.

Deepika and Priyanka mix rhythm with Pinga

13 years after Dola Ray, the film came in Bajirao Mastani starring Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. The film was a tremendous hit and one of the songs in this film was such that Dola Ray had missed it. This song Pinga. This song based on Marathi culture was filmed on Deepika and Priyanka, the two heroines of the film. This song of Mastani and Kashi peaked on people’s words in such a way that till today its taste is intact.


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