During the cleaning of the septic tank in Badarpur area of ​​the capital Delhi, two out of three people who died down due to poisonous gas have died, while the condition of another one remains critical. Among the dead is the owner of a building named Satish Chawla. Satish came down to clean the septic tank, after the two were unconscious, they came down into the tank to seek their information, but they were also hit by poisonous gas. 

According to the police, Satish Chawla has a four-storey house in Badarpur area. Satish had given the house on rent. On Saturday evening, three laborers were called by Satish to clean the septic tank. A laborer named Devendra landed in manual cleaning of the tank and fainted inside due to excess gas. 

Contractor Manoj landed inside to see Devendra but he too fainted from the effects of poisonous gases inside the tank. After this, the landlord Satish himself landed in the septic tank to take out Devendra and Manoj and they too fainted and got trapped inside.

Later, when people got the news of the three being trapped in the septic tank, there was an uproar. People from all around took the three out of the tank and took them to the hospital for treatment. Where the doctors declared the landlord Satish and laborer Devendra dead, while the condition of contractor Manoj remains critical. 


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