Two Lorries Loaded With Illegal Coal Seized In Andal Police Net, 2 Arrested: Illegal coal smuggling business on the national highway again. Two lorries loaded with illegal coal were caught before the police operation. 40 metric tons of coal have been seized. The incident took place on Friday night at Andal Topline area on National Highway No. 19. Around the incident, there is a question again about the security of the national property of the Tabat mine area with illegal coal business. Police have arrested the drivers of both lorries. Police have started investigating the incident.

Incidentally, the entire state is in a state of upheaval due to the coal scandal. Central Intelligence Agency CBI and State CID have launched a crackdown on illegal coal smuggling. Several coal mafia have been caught in the incident. Both the state and central detective departments have started to investigate the incident. Even several officials of the mining company ECL have been arrested. The investigating agency has alleged that influential political leaders are involved in the coal smuggling case. At the same time, several small industrial firms are on the radar of investigators. Besides, the Asansol-Durgapur police are active in curbing illegal coal smuggling. Traces of several illegal coal smuggling have been recovered over the past few months.

According to the incident, on Friday night, the police were checking the nose on the top line of Andal on the national highway. At that time, police detained two suspicious lorries from Asansol’s direction. During the search, two lorries loaded with coal could not show any valid documents. Then the police seized two lorries loaded with coal. Police seized 40 metric tons of coal in two lorries. The lorry driver arrested two people on charges of smuggling coal. According to police sources, the names of the arrested are Gauri Shankar Mahato and Fajizul Mir. Drita Gauri Shankar is a resident of the Pursha area of ​​Haripur and Fazijul Mir Tulsi in Pandaveshwar. Two lorries were going to Calcutta loaded with coal for smuggling from Barabani police station. On Saturday, when the arrested were brought to the Durgapur sub-divisional court, the judge rejected their bail.

It is to be noted that on September 7, the police raided Parulia of Ward No. 1 of Durgapur Municipality after receiving a tip-off. 3 lorries loaded with illegal coal were seized in late-night raids. The police arrested four persons including the driver in the incident. According to police sources, the lorries loaded with coal were coming toward Durgapur from the coal mining area. The lorries were trying to catch the highway through a link road near the city of Asima. As soon as the police got the information, they conducted a raid and seized the three vehicles from the Purulia area. Police said 70 tonnes of coal was seized in three lorries. At the end of last August, the police found traces of an illegal coal business behind the cement factory in the Sarpi area of ​​the Durgapur-Faridpur police station. Yogesh Rajd, the masseur of the cement factory was arrested in the incident. And seized 10 metric tons of illegal coal. A few days ago, three lorries loaded with illegal coal were caught in the police net in Banskopa, Kanker. Two drivers were arrested in the incident. Investigating the incident, the police found a coal smuggling ring in a private factory in Asansol’s Sultanpur. From where those coals were being smuggled. Apart from the coal, the police seized the JCB machine there. Then, in today’s incident, questions are again raised about the method of coal smuggling. However, the police said, “The arrested have been taken into custody. An investigation into the incident has been initiated.”


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