Two students of Gujraj Technical University (GTU) have developed a unique electric kit for motorcycles that will not only help in reducing pollution but people can travel up to 80 km at a cost of just 25 paise.

According to the report of Ahmedabad Mirror, two GTU students Arpit Chauhan and Karthik Atreya said that this electric kit used six batteries of lead acid and lithium which not only gives power to the bike but also reduces travel expenses. Arpit Chauhan said, “An electric bike can also reduce noise pollution by 10-12 decibels.”

GTN Vice Chancellor Pro Naveen Seth told that the team of students of GTU is also doing research to develop electric kits for auto rickshaw, tractors and cars likewise.

Students Chauhan and Atreya told that they have lost 6 years in research to develop this electric kit, then they have been able to develop this electric kit before success. He said, “We are now trying to develop similar electric kits, tractors, auto rickshaws and cars as well.


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