Two Deaths Shrouded In Mystery: Football World Cup again. Waking up again at night cheering for your favorite team. Like many football fans around the world, Bengalis understand this competition as the ‘Greatest Show on Earth. In fact, the World Cup is not just about watching games. It is like a garland of various memories of joy and sadness. Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ or Roberto Baggio’s failure in the tiebreaker at the final moment in the World Cup final – how many events on the field take the form of folklore? But Escobar’s name is perhaps insurmountable from a sadist’s point of view. 6 hot bullets pierced his body due to a mistake in the field.

Drugs, Colombia, and Escobar – the sad story that is created by sitting side by side, but the main characters are two. An Escobar footballer. Andres Escobar. Another is Escobar’s drug lord. Pablo (Pablo). How life brought the two together. Pablo had already died. Andrej would not have had such a fate if he had. When you think about it, it feels like a movie.

Pablo Escobar

It’s like a script full of gunpowder. From the eighties, the drug trade boomed in Colombia. As a result, the drug lords could not figure out how to spend the money overflowing in their pockets. These drug lords put money into football clubs like the pigeon fights of those early landlords. Pablo invested his money in Medellin’s club Atletico Nacional. And the star footballer of that club was Andres Escobar. Although Pablo had no personal relationship with him or any of the players. As a result, the life of a drug lord and a budding star footballer did not come together in that sense. But still, there are similarities. That missing leak is football. Moreover, the unfortunate aspect of their end of life. We can come to that later. First about Andrej.

1994 World Cup Colombia will face host country America in the group league match. An American player runs toward the box and pushes the ball toward the footballer on the other end. Andrej was in the middle of them. He wanted to clear the ball. But his understanding of the goalkeeper was disturbed

Andres Escobar

goes As a result, the sliding ball gets caught in the net. Colombia was eliminated from the competition after losing 1-2. But there was hope for service around Colombia. Many experts even started calling them future champions. But all hope ends in a moment’s mistake. But the citizens of Colombia that day had the idea that a much bigger tragedy was ahead.

Andrej was alone in a car in the parking lot of a nightclub late at night, five days after the World Cup. Just then three criminals attacked. Talk first. Then the gunfire started. Jhajjar is the national team’s star defender in shot after shot. Not only Colombia, but the whole football world could not believe it!

There Were Two Escobar Buses In The City Of Medellin

Pablo died exactly six months ago. Ever since his death, there is a powder of excitement in the air of a city of eternal spring-like Medellin. A new gang war between new drug lords has thrown people’s lives into the open. In such tumultuous circumstances, it was probably not possible to avoid Andrej’s death. But according to many, none of this would have happened if Pablo Escobar had lived. Pablo was not only a drug kingpin. His glory was undisputed. Pablo would have properly controlled the public anger created against the star footballer of his club.

Of course, bad-tempered Pablo also caused bloodshed on the playground. In 1989, Atletico Nacional lost a game against América de Cali. The referees are held ‘responsible’ for the loss. In the end, Pablo killed the referee. The situation became so dire that the Colombian Soccer Federation canceled the season. At that time, he has practically become a drug king. In 1985, 11 judges of the country’s Supreme Court died in Pablo’s attack.

Although parallel to this he also had a ‘giver’ form. From stadiums and churches to schools or parks – he used to donate huge amounts of money. As a result, a mixed image began to emerge. Much like Robin Hood. His influence grew so much that Pablo became a headache not only for the government of his country but also for America. Along with that, his biggest opponent was the Rogrigoz Brothers of the Kali Cartel. Incidentally, Pablo had a rivalry with these Rodrigues on the football field as well. However, according to Begtik, Escobar was on the loose for about 16 months. Police eventually tracked him down in a middle-class neighborhood in Medellin. It is heard that the police wanted to make an arrest. Finally, the body of the shot Pablo was found. But it is not clear whether he was shot dead by the police or committed suicide. even today

Andrej Will Remain The Sad Hero

Within six months, Andrej died. In 2018, Colombo police claimed to have nabbed a drug lord. The drug lord named Santiago Galon Henao is the real face behind Andrej’s tragic fate! In fact, almost three decades have passed. But even today the question has not been resolved. Is it just a case of an angry fan losing control after scoring a suicide goal in the World Cup? Or was it connected with the betting mafia? Or is it actually a revenge game of drug cartels? Kill the best player of his team to pay for Pablo Escobar’s crime? The answer is still not found. Maybe never will. Andrej Escobar’s death will be covered in a fog forever.

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