Actress Mallika Sherawat could not stop herself from being called, when a Twitter user called her films the cause of violence against women. Mallika expressed displeasure over this comment and said that such a mindset needs to be changed. In response to Mallika’s tweet on the Hathras rape case, the Twitter user made this comment. Mallika wrote in the tweet, “Unless the mindset towards women improves in India, nothing will change #Hathras Horror #NirbhayaCase.”

Responding to Mallika’s tweet, a Twitter user wrote, ‘But the kind of roles you have played in Bollywood films is completely different from what you said. Don’t you think that the kind of message that goes through your films, they also promote it. The person who speaks should first apply it to himself.

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To this Mallika’s reply came, ‘That is, the movies I act in are invitations for rape !!! A mentality like yours has made Indian society frustrated towards women! If you have problems with my films, do not watch them. #nocountenforwomen ‘

In an interview in 2018, Mallika said that she was fired from many films because she refused to have a physical relationship with the co-star.
During a conversation, he said that I have been accused of many things. If you wear a short skirt, what scene do you give on screen, then you are a fallen woman. Men want to take advantage of this. This has happened to me

She adds, ‘I was fired from the movies because I refused to have a relationship with the co-star. Hero would say why can’t you get intimate with me? If you can do it on screen, what is the problem with me personally? I have lost many films due to this. This is a reflection of our society, which the women of our country have to face.


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