Exclusive: Government called Twitter officials for questioning, sought answers to these questions

Twitter Blue Tick: Elon Musk’s Key Decision On Blue Tick, Twitter Blue Verification To Return On November 29, Old Blue Ticks Will Go Away Soon: Twitter users continue to suffer from Blue Tick. The discontinuation of BlueTick became a sensation. Twitter Bluetic plan for its users.

Twitter users continue to suffer from Blue Tick. The discontinuation of BlueTick became a sensation. Twitter has revealed that it is bringing back the Twitter Bluetic plan for its users. Blue Tick subscription will be made available on the 29th of this month. After Tesla chief Elon Musk bought Twitter, this Blue Tick became a controversy after it raised charges. Since then, the confusion over this blue tick continues. He decided to pay $8 per month for the Blue Tick badge given to Twitter accounts. He also announced that those who think that they cannot pay can freely give up the Blue Tick. Most fake Twitter accounts in America get a blue tick by paying $8. Troubled by this, Twitter banned the Blue Tick subscription service. But it has been announced that it is starting again.

Twitter owner Elon Musk said that the suspended Twitter Blue Tick subscription will resume on November 29. Musk says he’s postponing the launch to make sure it’s rock solid. Musk announced this through a tweet. In fact, Elon Musk has talked about launching a Blue Tick subscriber service soon. Many fake Twitter accounts have previously paid $8 to get a blue tick. Fake tweets were then posted from these accounts. Due to this reason, Twitter ordered to stop Blue Tick subscriber service.

Many big companies have faced trouble due to fake tweets from these fake accounts. American pharma company Eli Lilly and Co-created a fake account and tweeted that insulin is free. After this tweet, the company had to apologize to the public. Not only that, she created a fake account named Pepsi and tweeted that Coke is better. But after a closer look at that tweet, I came to know that this account is fake. Because the Twitter handle of this fake account is PEPSICO and not PEPSICO.

But since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, many changes have been made. First, employees were laid off to reduce costs. Musk, who first fired half of the employees working in the company, recently fired about 4,000 outsourcing employees. BlueTick is made available on the basis of a Twitter subscription.

Musk has temporarily suspended the services of BlueTick as most of the accounts that have received BlueTick are fake accounts. But this time, he said, they will be very careful about giving BlueTick.


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